Charities, lotteries, and giveaways ahoy!
Camp Nano, soon?! O.X I hope not, I thought it stand for National NOVEMBER Writing Month? November is still far off for, just started to enjoy summer. ;-P
No, it's National Novel Writing Month X'D. I thought the "No" stood for November at first too, so yeah pfft.

Camp NaNo for April just got done though. It's a little less demanding than regular NaNo, depending on what you set your goal at ^^. I'm now 99% done with the project I started back in November, wheeee~
Reviewing chapters now and fixing so I can start posting on FFNet and Ao3. I figure one chapter every two weeks should be a good rate....
Ohh, haha. I never entered, but always assumed it was november. I also thought it used to start around november?!? Aaah, stupid abreviations. >.>

@ Solar: Find another job? D: Stinks... :>

And get well soon Hotarla.
I wish I could, I really do...the main employers in my town are either Walmart or one of many fast food joints, anything else I'd need some sort of degree for (which I can't afford), or I'd need to be able to commute out of town...which I can't do either, for both finances and I can't drive. Also I have zero qualifications to do pretty much anything.....

And yeah, NaNoWriMo takes place in November ^^. It's a real trip, since Inktober's the month before...soo for me it's both a drawing marathon, then right into a writing marathon X'D
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