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☆"ヽ(ω) ノ"☆ {{{ Freebies for Newbies! }}}

Hello and welcome to Freebies for Newbies! We've finally got a brand new revamp, courtesy of co-owner LittleBlack! Give your compliments to her when you stop by! As the title states, we're here to give freebies to all you newbies joining this site. We used to be in the Giveaway thread but with the Roliana 2.0 revamp, we've been relocated to the Charities. And we are definitely a charity if anything!

If you're a newbie who has joined in the last 3 months and have less than 500-1000 posts, you're more than eligible to get some freebies from us! Please fill out the form stating the date you joined, what item(s) you want and who you want them from. And then you're all set! You can do whatever you want with these items: sell them, wear them, twirl them over your head if it pleases you! Now, without further ado, here are some rules!

Rules: Please Read!!!
Please follow the Roliana ToS!
You are not allowed to use mules.
You MUST post a form in the thread.
You can only receive TWO (2) items, either TWO from littleblack or from me or ONE from each of us.
If you want to donate, please either post here or PM me for more details! Always send items to my mule, Roshaun or to littleblack's mule, LBhouse!
To show you've read these rules, please write "freebies" somewhere on your form!

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[color=#FF40BF][size=85][b]ღ I would like a gift please! ღ[/b][/size]
Date Joined:
Item(s) you'd like: 
From who: littleblack OR Hotarla (pick please)
Anything extra?:[/color]
Now, if there's an item you do NOT know the name of (which is highly likely), just tell me which inventory photo it is (numbered 1-18), which row it is (numbered 1-5) and which column it is (numbered 1-10). So it'll look a little bit like this. If you have any other questions, just post it in the thread and someone will answer it as soon as they can! Now, here's the inventory list!

Inventory List!

Enjoy all 21 pages of glory! LIST UPDATED: September 20th, 2015! And we hope you enjoy your stay here at Roliana!

Hello I'm littleblack! What I want to say Hotarla pretty much summed it up XD
When gifting it would be from my mule LBhouse.

Same system as Hotarla. Enjoy :D


Given To:
++++ Change of layout++++

++++ Change of rules ++++
seedlesscotton - 2nd Birthday Stockings, 10 Million Scarf
Female - PhantasierenOrchids, RoliDoli
xXBelleXx - Phantasieren Kimono Female, Star Dust
Bad Intentions Gurl - Bloody Valentines Butterflys
ColoredxNoodles - Phantasieren Hair
cutecat103 - star top, star skirt
momo the peachy - star top
Darkenpool - Daddy balloon
Fragrkull - Rolipop Tree
.sparrow. - Phantasieren Makeup
Chaos_of_Darkness - Star buddy
kekimia - Rolipops
AngelMommy - Mommy Balloon
boys - Sweet Bow
Aven Maro - Clover Field


So its probably been years since Freebies for Newbies has had an event so, this year, I've decided to hold a Christmas Raffle! THIS RAFFLE WILL BE OPEN TO ALL USERS. It won't be anything special, just pick a number and, at the end of the raffle (Dec. 24th or thereabouts probably extended til New Years lol), I'll do an RNG thing and give out prizes! My only rules are no mules and one number per person. Here are the prizes to be won!

1st Place - Spring Picnic
2nd Place - Merry Event Set
3rd Place - 2k

2. Glimmer
5. Jack Frost
9. Nova

Honorary Mod

The Master (AKA Lord of the void! at least til he changes his name again!) - If you have any questions, feel free to ask him!

Our Banners


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yeah? I haven't even bothered.....xP I didn't think anyone would take them anyway.....xD maybe we should make an ad at Lemon's thread as well.....XD

if you like LOL.......xP I suck at making banners....that and I'm too lazy to do it....xD;;

OH I better go make the rice.....xP

oh really? that's totally awesome! >w<


Here you go! Done :D
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If it's too big I can resize it.

right I'll post it up...xP thanks!

and gosh how can you have so much in your sig without it disappearing? xD;;

Well, what do you consider a newb though? :'D

Soooo... I'm not new by any means. What I'd like to know is if you guys would accept a donation of all my surplus black scarf/roli doli's and heart rings?

I know the idea is to get RID of them and not take more in.... just wondering since you're doing it already :)

Re: :]

Miss Independent Candy wrote:I'm New! I just signed up
Hope you like the heart rings 8)
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