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Littleblack it's a girl at least thats what the doctor says Lol. Yeah and at night when i am sleeping i am hotter and its like ugh. I went to my appointment today for check up she 7lbs and 2oz right now so and she ready to come out just have to wait for the labor part which i am hoping soon because this summer its been in the 80s to 90s close to 100s. This is the worst summer we had since i moved up here to new york 10 years ago.
Yeah pregnant people like me its hard in this heat usually I can handle it better but not pregnant I would have to be in a pool for a hour come out then go back in maybe few hours later its the same with a cold shower usually can last longer if there is some type of air near me.
Its hard at work because our air sucks and the only way to cool down there is going in the cooler for a few if there are no customers.

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Yeah we had a heat wave this entire week and it was pretty bad in some parts of the country. They attributed around 50 deaths that were heat related. D: it happened mainly in Quebec and not here, dunno if it’s because we have better ways to deal with the heat than there.
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