Charities, lotteries, and giveaways ahoy!
Thank you for the welcome ;u;

ღ I would like a gift please! ღ
Username: MimikyuToo
Date Joined: 9/18/18
Item(s) you'd like: c1 on pg3 and d10 on pg4
From who: littleblack
Anything extra?: "freebies" also If possible ;u; if not I'd be happy with any yellow or black or white item ;u; also thank you in advance

Hope it was okay to edit it in?

Re: {Freebies for Newbies} - Holiday Raffle, Open ...



that's fineee, as long as you indicated that you read the rules, its okay...c;

anyways, i'll be sure to give a little something something to you too! c; hopefully, you can purchase some nice items with it! c;

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