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Welcome to Candyland Charity! This Charity is for everyone, so come one, come all. No matter if you are a new user or an old user, there are opportunities for everyone-- even if you want to simply chat! Just continue to scroll and read over the front page for more information!

Follow all of Roliana's Rules and ToS.
No begging.
More rules may be added at any time.

Candyland: Donations



If you are wanting to send donations to the Charity, send donations to Candyland Charity

So how exactly do you get donations? There are of course several easy ways to do this!
PM forms to me.

1. Stay and chat! Chatting here is pretty important and shows me how enthused and active you are. It's also better with more people around! The more you are here, the more likely I am to donate at random times.
2. Participate in thread contests and other fun activities!
3. Fill out a newbie form (and message it to me) if you are a NEW USER:

Join Date:
Post Count:
Favorite Colors:
Female or Male related items:

4. Fill out a questers form (and message it to me) if you are a QUESTER: (Must be at at least 2 weeks old with 100 posts)

Join Date:
Post Count:
Quest thread:
Top wanted items:

5. Get free candy/treats by going to this shop and picking out something sweet. Send me a PM Labeled SWEET TREATS with a list of candy-like item(s) up to 1000 gold from the shop. (Look up candy, lolly, etc).
6. Put a link or information about your quest in your signature!

Filled out forms

(Only updated after Sept. 2015)

Newbie Forms:
Zebra: Sept. 18, 2015
Chai fae: Sept. 20, 2015
LadyDesi: June 06, 2016
Pessimisticat: June 20, 2016
Katalena: June 25, 2016
Shaenora: 4/4/17
Carnivalous: 5/28/17
Madame Crow: 6/8/17
クラゲ: 9/11/17
Millet: 7/10/18

Questers Forms:
`Nyuu: Mar. 24, 2016
LadyDesi: June 27, 2016
R u b y: 7/13/16
McCoy: 7/23/16
MoodyBats (Fuu): 3/9/18
VampireBloodlust: 4/18/18

Sweet Treats:
Pessimisticat: June 20, 2016

Candyland: Page Prizes & Raffles



Page Prizes

Page prizes go to the first poster on the said pages. If that poster happens to be myself, it will go to the next poster.

Pg. 10: Red Gaisha Dress- BreeZy
Pg. 25: Female Oriental Top Blue + Birthday 3 Set- CloudDreamer
Pg. 50: Summer Croud + Disguise Glasses + WesternHatBlack- Mccoy
Pg. 75: Spooky Dress + Skully Hat- Jack Frost
Pg. 100: 5k- Jack Frost & McCoy, 1k- Krosis
Pg. 150: Prairiefairycatorange + Cow Costume + CircleofRainbowMushrooms- McCoy
Pg. 175: Dark Winged Hoodie + Hairy Feet + Shining Hairy Feet- agustin
Pg. 200: SnowRibbon- Jack Frost, Diamonds + Rose Background + Nyan + SeaCreatures + Little Moo + Squiddy + Happy Sun- Kryztol Thorn, Monarch HoneyLime + FancyFanRainbow + Rose Petal Background Strawberry + LoveFaerieWingsWhiteBanana- MotherGarnet.
Pg. 225: Pink Horse- MotherGarnet
Pg. 250: Chiroptera- Jack Frost
Pg. 275: Fairytalepumpkins field + 3 pumpkin/seafoam commons- `Nyuu
Pg. 300: Skull Rock- Jack Frost, Pug- McCoy, Poodle- Fulkth
Pg. 350: BlueHorse+Blue wings- Jack Frost
Pg. 375: BlackHorse- x
Pg. 400: SweetheartAngel- SolarMoon, RoseBackground+500g- Fufluns, 500g ea- MissMoria & クラゲ
Pg. 425: AutumnInTheCity- VampireBloodlust

Pg. 450:



Candyland: Gumdrop Troopers



The Troopers:

Gumdrop Troopers are helpers of the thread. They may help me with contests, events, prizes, ideas, moderation, and more. If you want to become a GumDrop Trooper, please message me, personally.
If you are a trooper and would like a little image for your signature, feel free to use the one below!


Candyland: Special Thanks



Just a little shout out to the continuing followers of the changing Charity
threads for the different reason that they are switched, and those who stick through Roli's changes, too. Love you, you know who you are <3

And thank you to everyone that donates to the Charity to help other users! It is very helpful towards the Charity and the users that the Charity helps. It wouldn't be the same without you.

A very important thanks goes to Oro-Sama. Anyone who was a part of the original Candyland knew Oro
most likely pretty well. She was the other half of Candyland, Co-Owned. I have not kept the whole list of donations in and out, but Oro has given a whole bunch into the Charit(ies) over time.

Another important thank you goes out to the- Light Within The [[ D e e p e s t ]] Darkness Charity. It had been owned by Zexion. He will always be remembered. Shinko took care of it for a little while, and now a large amount of funds/items have been sent to help out the Candyland Charity to give back to Roliana, as that charity is closing.

So thank you, everyone!

Candyland: Donations Given Out



I decided that I wanted to start attempting to keep up with the donations given out from the Charity. Here are the funds roughly given out, not including the original Candyland Charity before 2012, or the Halloween User Run Event. These are funds and items given out through events, forms, random donations, contests, etc.




Some donation-related items may be placed in other categories, depending on what it is.

Commons/other: 447
Event items: 231

Donation-ish Items:
Darkwingedhoodie x3, LightWingedHoodie, Paranormal Investigation, Earth Attire, Nutcracker Ballet, Fall, HeavensGate, PhoenixWings x2, Rilao, Rilaoreborn, HornedHeadressBlack, SnowRibbon1, Snowribbon2, Cosmic Guardian, Skullcape x3, OrientalFox, Strawbunny, Banunny, Fluffybun2, MaskofElidar, NightmaresKnight, Meowsie2, Starbunny, Flying Islands, DragonofPurity, FemaleDarkSleekHair, ReindeerEarsandTail, HairyFeet, ShiningHairyFeet, Maestro, Boombox, CowCostume, Starshine, Jnco’s Gear, Magical Wands x9, Sea Creatures x3 ,SeaScene, MoonJellyFish (x3), SilverStars(many), WaterScarf, Nyan x2, TaintedFirespirits x2, Little Angel, Orange wings x2, White Wings, Neon Glow, Clingy Fox, Heart Shawl, Crystalline, Snow Angel, MonarchHoneyLime, Diamonds, RoseBackground x2, Little Moo, Squiddy x2, Happy Sun x2, Crimson Moon, Little Moo, Elemental Spell, Circle of Fire, Circle of Water x2, Circle of Clouds, Circle of Earth, Water Scarf, Spilling Water, Royal Rose, Seraphim, Checkmate, Rainbow Attire, Rilao Reborn, Chiroptera, Pyon, Bat Staff, Pumpkin Bow, Crucifix, Marionette, Clowning About, Sugar Cream, Paranormal Investigation, Skull Rock, Pug, Poodle, Light Merfolk, Dark Merfolk, LadyBug, BBQ, Kitten Sundae, Ice Elf, blue wings, Star Bunny x2, Flying Bats, Demonic Duchess, Meoti, Kuru, Mars Silver Scarf & Belt, Jazz Spirits, HalloweenMasquerade, Daegor, Daegor Influence, Dark Halloween, Ying Yang, Harajuku Summer, Femme Fatal, Autumn In the City.

Candyland: Links In & Affiliates



Links In

If you want to advertise this thread in your signature, just copy and paste the code information.

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If you would like to be an affiliate of this thread, feel free to message me.

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