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My living situation right now is great, i live with my bf and my best friend as a roomate. No issues with anything.

As in the end of this month I believe, I been made aware that my roommate is having two friends stay here until the middle of sept, Which they all made plans to move to another province. 2-3 month , no more. (sept or end of) one is her bf and one is her friend who all want a change of career lets say.

We have a 2bed room, apartment.
I am 100% fine with this.

How ever, they won't be paying rent. My roomate already pays a set amount on hydro so it covers what ever would be extra hydro from them.

I am aware I have to tell them to buy their own Toiletries, and to throw out the communal garbages here and there. No sharing food. Obv clean your dishes or I'm going to bug your host/my roommate about it.

She is on the lease and so am i,
I'm going to have her sign her lease over to my boyfriend or our new roomate if he knows by the the beginning of sept if he wants to move in forsure (have it so she will be off the lease no latter than sept 30th)

She is more upkeep than me. Besides putting away her clean dishes away right away *not a huge issue as she will get to it in a decent enough time*

The other guy, not her bf, might also hide away in her room/sleep in there for most nights "if they don't need their privacy". They are use to small living spaces *her bedroom is half? Of What me and my bf have.*

I Just hope they are okay with me and my bf keeping to ourselves most time, as we hope we don't come off as passive-agressive. My roomate/best friend has come to a understanding that we mean no offense, i might tell it to tell them so they understand.

Am i going in the right track? Do i have to add anymore rules/let my roommate know anything?

I am the most chill person when it comes to these things and i just want to be sure i don't let it get to far and out of control.


From what I can read you're definitely quite a chill person and very down to earth.

Uhm as for extra "rules"... I'm not sure.

Make sure you don't get into trouble with your current landlord. Because you will be the ones that need to deal with the fallout.

And as long as you make all the rules clear, I guess everything is fine. Maybe a "you break it, you pay for it" rule? I dunno.

Oh I'd definitely talk to them and say "we like to keep to ourselves most of the time. No offense" So they can't take offense then, since they are probably expecting it. PROBABLY your roommate already warned them plenty about it. Like a "don't worry, they keep to themselves and they're pretty chill people" or something like it. But best is to just say it in advance. A warned man is worth two as they say in my language. (No clue if that's a saying in English too XD)


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