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~Gaiaonline is down :(~

and this site is no better. i just started and its confusing.
what am i supposed to do on here besides post to earn gold around here?
can anyone even earn plat or is that strictly a buy with $ kind of deal?
we have a gold and plat on gaia but our plat is a choice and 1 plat equals to 10mil gold.
sorry but i miss gaiaonline

Re: ~Gaiaonline is down :(~

Yeah, this site is far more low key than Gaia is, but in all honesty, I personally prefer it to Gaia. It's not nearly as hectic, the people are nice, and the mods do genuinely care about us.
It's a little slow but if you look around and find some of the more active hangouts, you'll quickly get gold and stuff.
Yes, posting is the main thing to do here, but there's also a few games you can play. Plats can be purchased with real money, or you can purchase them from other players (Check the Plat Counter Inflation league in the marketplace forum to see the average price. I like they go for 200-500g a pop though. Not really sure).

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability. Just ping me using the @ symbol, like so:


It'll notify me whenever you do.

Welcome to Roli and I know it's a bit confusing at first because the culture here is way different than on Gaia, but if you stick with it, I think you may grow to love it. It took ma bit to adjust to it way back when almost 10 years ago when I first joined. :)

Re: ~Gaiaonline is down :(~

I think you can rarely get platinum as a daily thing, I would have to ask and make sure of that though. Yeah, our main thing is posting and thanks to us being smaller than Gaia, it tends to be easier to follow conversations.

Re: ~Gaiaonline is down :(~

plat here is like the equivalent of gaia's gaia cash. i believe it can only be bought with real money. posting, games and daily prize are the main ways of earning gold. but if your good at art or drawing you can try the market or making an art shop.

Re: ~Gaiaonline is down :(~



I shall provide you with this link:
It's a very good guide from our staff members Stylo! It has only recently been updated with all the techniques on how to gain gold :smile: So I hope that helps :smile:

As for platinum: Easiest way to get it is buy using real money. Second to easiest is by buying it from other players with gold or items. And the really not so easy, and based on a randomizer, is the daily prize which gives you a possible reward of platinum occassionally.
Ofcourse to have the most chance to get those platinum, is by logging in each day and clicking on the treasure box in the upper banner each day.


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