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. Write Letters You Cannot Send .


    This idea is taken from another forum that I go on and dare I say; it's worked rather well there and I'm hoping that it'll do the same here. So here's the basic purpose of this thread:

    We've all got feelings that we must vent. Writing letters to people that you feel need a good talking to, or writing down your confessions can help keep you from bottling up all of your emotions. Here's a place to vent off, confess, apologize, etc; by writing letters. Of course none of the letters written and posted here are going to be sent, but I personally think it's a good way to relinquish all that unwanted stress. So have a problem? In a fight? Or do you just need somewhere to vent off? Here's the place to do it.

      .R u l e s.

      o1. Follow all Roliana rules
      o2. When writing a 'letter' it's not necessary to put a name after Dear, so feel free to leave it blank. [i.e. if you don't want to write the name just type Dear _____,] Also, you can write a letter to ANYONE; it can be to your best friend, God, your pet animal, or even clouds and trees! Anything~ :3
      o3. There've been no problems with this to my knowledge, but please be tolerant of other people here. They've posted to help 'heal' themselves, not to get flamed.
      o4. As said in rule 3; no NOT flame on here.
      o5. Post as much as you'd like to; just don't double post. The purpose of this thread is to let go of all those bottled up emotions, so it's understandable if a letter can go on and on and on. While it can be long, have in mind that these letters can be short as well. :]
      o6. As stated, the letters can be anonymous, but if you do decide to put a name on it [and it is of a person on this site], do NOT make it obvious that you are talking about them-- nor may you chat with each other. I consider that spamming. :\ Put it in 'Hangouts' if you really want to talk to each other.

      Also. DO NOT quote another person's letter and comment on it. ><''
      o7. Have fun~ c:

    o5.13.o8 : 100th Page <3
    Thread featured in the Roli Times~ <3

;] This is a really good idea. <3

Dear _____ ,

Whoa, it seems like just yesterday that I went to the mall or to the movies with you, but in reality, we stopped being friends months ago. Even when our group was having rough times, we still tried being friends, and then one day, poof, you weren't my best friend anymore. It hurts you know, not being able to talk to anyone like I used to talk to you. You don't even acknowledge my presence anymore, even though we're assigned to sit next to each other in physics. Sometimes I feel like your dead, so you might as well be. I miss you and I wish you'd call me or something, anything. I hate not being friends with you, can't you realize that? CAN YOU?

- Midnight Inspiration

i'm so sick of having to deal with you being a jerk all the time and bring up the past. it has nothing to do with you. maybe if you weren't so mean all the time i would be nicer too... and so you claimed you never lied to me even though you know i know you did than you avoided me like i did something wrong... and you couldn't even say it to my face... i should totally hate you... why don't i? i really don't know... but i'm glad that chapter of my life is over... i never want th deal with someone like you again!

I'm not afraid to do this

Dear Joshua,
Look i know that after we broke up you hated me. I really don't know why but i do know that I'll never hate you,not to say that I'll love you either i just want to be friends again. like it was before you and me, like old times. i miss your friendship when i look back on us i don't see Kristin and josh the couple i see Kristin and josh those two best friends....i miss that......but i don't care as long as we can come to the understanding that i don't hate you so please don't always make me feel like i did something wrong. OH and by the way don't ever tell Alex I'm using him i love him. i know it might have seem that way to you but it's not ok thanks.


wow that really feels good to do ha wow i feel great and i don't even have to tell him this



I love you and I miss you. I'm glad you miss me, too, but I don't like seeing you suffer, either. I can't wait until this phase is over- we can get through this together and be happy.

Dear Husband of Mine,
I can't say that I'm disapointed that you wreaked your motorcycle and wont be able to ride it for a few weeks.
I feel like you take me for granted, and expect me to watch our daughter every moment of the day.
I've tried to tell you that I'm a little burned out, and the stress is causing me to lose sleep and gain weight, but you always brush it off.
I remember when we used to be open with each other. That was before you were deployed. I feel like that year we spent apart has changed you for the worse.
Sometimes I feel like you are not telling me things that I should know.
And I admit I'm paranoid... But I'm not sure what it is that upsets me.
I just want you to know, I'll always be here for you. Even if you think that every thing I try to tell you is incorrect. Even if you think expressing your feelings to me is 'sissy' or un needed.
I love you Husband
I just want you to know that we are a team...
That means I can help make decisions too.
: )
Your Wife.

Dear ___________

I really cant stand it anymore, watching you suffer from what you think is love. I scribble notes and send you text but no replies its because your waiting at the mall for 5 hours waiting for her to show up. you keep getting hit by the wind and its blowing you and me away, despite how hard I fight it I just keep getting hit back, I want to just grab you and kiss you and you never let me go, but the storm is between what I feel and what you see, just read this with your heart not with your eyes and see which would you rather have lust and wrath? or Purity and Peace?

- Mollie

um, i wouldnt be afraid to sented a hate letter or a sorry letter, but i find this a great idea

Dear the person i dont like right now,

Hi, I dont know why you are spazing at me on MSN, All i said was "dont put your nose in other people's business" yes i know it does sound rude, but its true. Mini story i was tlaking to my friend, and she asked me to copy and paste the entire conversation
Than you were like, Why were you and ____ ditching me?? that makes no s***, because we were not even talking about that, we were talking about you being nosy, thats all i have to say


P.s STOP SPREADING RUMORS ABOUT ME, i know you tell people, and whenever i ask you, you say no...i dunno why you are lying to me?? is it because you want people to hate me??? or just because?

Mom -

I know that I haven't really had the chance at all to talk to you or anything like that. But I am a teenager and I actually have a social life for once. That and I can't really find a time to pull you away from Steve so that we can actually talk for more than five minutes. Let me start by saying that you really should trust me more. I'm sorry that I don't like bringing _______ over everyday after school. But that doesn't mean that I'm having sex with him over at Zag's house. Because despite what you think, I'm not a tramp. Let me say that again. I AM NOT HAVING SEX OVER AT ZAG'S HOUSE! I AM NOT A DAMN TRAMP! I know that it's difficult to get that through your head when I don't talk about everything I do. But you can't blame me for not wanting to share my social life with you when I can't Stevert to not turn it around completely. He and I have VERY different views, and I just really can't trust him that much.

And another thing, if you tell me to break up with _______ or that I'm not allowed to date him - or anyone for that matter - then I will have to tell you to stay out of my personal life. I have liked him for almost two years now and now that I actually have a boyfriend - and it's Him - I don't think I've been this happy before. And I was really hoping that you would be happy for me. Instead, you're being stupid and letting Stevert get to you. I know you would never think I was having sex over at Zag's house in the FIRST MONTH OF MY FIRST RELATIONSHIP unless you had been suggested that by someone. And who else do you talk to but Stevert? Anyway, if you tell me that I can't date _______ anymore then I will have to blow you off. Because like I said before, I'm really, really happy right now. I'm happy for you and Stevert, so why can't you be happy for me? It isn't very fair of you to do that...and I think that it's bullshit that you would start that because I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend. I know you enjoy spending time with Stevert, so why can't I enjoy my time with my boyfriend? Thanks.

-- Trinity

Dear Adam...

I don't really know what to say. So I'll just let it all out. I don't know if I made the right decision.
I miss you terribly. And I'm very very sorry if I hurt you.
What hurts the most about it, is that you won't even speak to me as a friend anymore. I hope that you're doing alright. In the end, I wasn't sure if I believed you when you said you loved me... I just doubted everything. I needed to go. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to communicate that to you.
I'll miss your voice. I'll miss your smile. I'll miss being able to call you at any hour of the day or night, whenever I needed you.
I'm afraid of what I've done if I was wrong.
If you really did need me. What if you were finally close to me and happy with me? Why did I tear it apart?
I don't know how to be able to put it behind me. I hope that in time, I'll find that I'm happy with my decision, and how my life is because of it.
But I'm scared too. I'm scared that I won't be happy, and I'll realize that I really was supposed to be with you. But you won't be there, will you... I'll be alone...
Please, be alright. Please be happy.
I hope that I can talk to you again someday. There's so much I need to say to you without the fear of how you'll react.
I hope I see you when we can be grown up.

I love you,


Dear Damon,

After what you said to Tifa, I guess I should hate you. But, even though I thought very deeply that someone like me was not capable of love, I was a hypocrite over you. I guess you weren't *really* my love. I believe love is only with your soul mate. You obviously aren't. But, Do you realize the pain you've cost me. I cry all night, wishing for you. That day, I cried so hard. I started doing something that I usually say is stupid, but I found it to be my escape. Why did you say that? I thought we were friends. Buddies, Pals? What happened? I miss you. I should hate you, like I do most people, but I still feel a sense of longing. I know there is a hole in my heart, and it is bleeding.


Dear _____,

I know you open up to me and talk to me about all your problems, but I wish that you would open up to your close friends. They are there with you at school, and are all worried about you, especially when you close them out and tell them to leave you alone. They just want to help, like I do. I know you believe that you dont deserve happiness, and that you should be alone, but no body wants that. i'm sure that deep down you're scared to be by yourself. You want people near you, to comfort you, to cheer you up again when you're down. Please, I wish you could just open up a little bite more. You have wonderful friends who care about you and are worried...


Dear Aneira

I know the distance between us is a little much, and neither of us have any idea how to make this realtionship work, but know that I just adore the fact that you can call me your boyfriend and I can call you my girlfriend. We have friends who think we make a cute couple, even your mum tried to set us up and she doesn't even know me.

Just know that I'm a little... shaken from my last relationship. I told you all about my last boyfriend and you were so sweet to me then. I just hope that you don't end up dumping me the same way, cause I don't want to lose you as a friend like I almost lost him.


Dear brother,

I know that you're finding things easier than I am at the moment, even though we've both dealt with the same problems, but that doesn't mean I'm pathetic, or any lower than you are.

You have no right to accuse me as you do, as if I were an unfair person getting benefits I don't deserve, but I'm really a good person that desperately needs help in life.

I know that you think you're helping out, but all you ever do is upset me. You know that I need a friend, not a superior, and I'm sick of you trying to play bad cop, because your little games help nobody, and right now, I need a good cop.

I'm not surprised you've never had a girlfriend, even though you're 17 and good looking - you've said it yourself, that you believe that the only thing women are any good for is doing the housework and making babies, and there wasn't a hint of humour in there, you sexist bastard.

Love from your sister.

Dear Aries That I Don't Understand....

I've tried everything. I'm done, thanks. If silence is what you want, silence is what you get. Sometimes silence is better anyway. And since I'm sick of feeling like a teenager or a child with the high school-esque drama, Silence is perfect. You aren't worth the stress you cause me and sometimes I forget that. And sometimes I open the door and let the stress in; even though I mean about as much to you as the lint on your shoe. I told you our lives consumed us and transformed us into different people. I don't know why I allowed your useless assurance to tell me differently.
After all the advice I've been given, I've come to find that you are just far far too complex for my mind to handle. Right now, I'm seeking simplicity in friends--not some messed up stuff from my past that is trying to evolve. To be honest, the advice never helped. It just confused me more and made decisions and final thoughts very very hard. I just don't know what to do with you anymore. After you contacted me and we "made up", I never ever really did. I never will. I suppose I'll thank my advisers and leave you be.
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