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Oo so i was playing around with the dream avatar and i left the computer with the tab open for maybe an hour or two and came back to work more on an avatar when suddenly it cleared. i had "gold" in the search bar and suddenly all the items left and i erased the search to find i was in my mules invantory (i think it was SebastianMichaelis) and then i clicked on the home screen to see if it had just timed out or something, and it had actually logged me out...

so...wat? :fearful:

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I'll give you the whole explanation in simple terms. Or try to make it as simplistic as I can.

When you log onto roliana, your "info" gets saved in sessions.

Now IF you do NOT check "remember me", after a while your sessions get cleared by your computer. (Don't ask me how long it takes, I don't decide that). If you check the "remember me", it'll keep your sessions stored indefinitely (probably by use of cookies) OR for a longer time. There are reasons why it sometimes clears itself, but I'm not going to go into it right now.

Now what I assume happened is:
You did not check the ''remember me'' while on your main, and the session cleared itself, but in your cache some information of your mule account got saved, so it showed your mule's inventory because it had to show something.
But when you went to the home screen, that cache got cleared again due to the session being cleared.

Basically this is the reason why, whenever we do a cosmetic update on roliana (new layout of some sort), that we ask to clear cache because otherwise you won't be able to see the updates.

I'm also assuming this is why some people got game bug messages (about sending in your score already, even though it was the first time they played the game in ages).

I don't think we can actually fix this issue though. Because it has a lot to do with your own computer and sessions/cookies.

I hope this explains things enough for you :sweat_smile: ?


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Mostly yeah. Lol but I do have it checked. I think that's the first time it's logged me out in months. I haven't had to use a log in, in a while. I guess I'll just assume it's a glitch of some kind. But I think that's happened to me before.

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Yeah there is no such thing as a real unlimited check in. What happens is that it usually renews itself whenever you log back on.

I have no clue what triggers it all though. It's not only our side that can influence these sessions, but also your side.

For example: you have your own browser's history you can chose to delete. Or you can install programs like ccleaner to delete it for you.
Which ain't a bad thing necessarily. It's a great way to clean up your computer. You'll be surprised at how much junk you automatically store on your computer when browsing. I once cleaned up over 10 GB of junk. (I hadn't used ccleaner in months though)

But on our side... Gosh, it could be anything: maintenance causing certains session IDs to be deleted on our end so you log in with a session id that doesn't exist anymore (on our side). And that kind of maintenance is automatic and we have no control over that. What I have noticed is that it seems to happen more often these days. I have "remember me" checked on too and I get kicked out of my sessions a lot too. I think it is this kind of server maintenance that is making a fuss.

So yeah, impossible really for us to solve.

Sorry I can't be of more help to you.


Re: dream avatar

Problem appears to be solved, or is at least a rare glitch in which nothing seems to have been lost.
So I will lock this thread.

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