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My Listings in the Market

I can't seem to view the listings I currently have active in the marketplace, and item search doesn't seem to work for me either. Can anyone assist?

Re: My Listings in the Market

Ah yeah, I sort of found it but the "my listings" link isn't working I guess? Also, I don't suppose you know where I can view my inventory without being in the avatar creator?

Re: My Listings in the Market

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I'm not sure why it's not working. (I'm not sure if that's something we know is a problem already or not, either. Whoops. @freyate might know?)

And sadly, no. I think that's on our possible list of fix/updates but it's not high up there, if I'm remembering correctly.

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Re: My Listings in the Market



Yeah the marketplace is a fickle creature. Usually it takes a while for it to load. I'm working on that, so that people don't immediately assume that it's broken.

For some mysterious reason My Listings goes to all the listings of everyone. I do not know why since in the code it says to go to your specific listing. But I've been trying to find the problem for a while now. And for a while = over a year =.="

The only way to view your inventory is to go to the avatar creator. I don't think we'll ever do it differently than that. We were going to upgrade the avatar creator so that searching through your inventory would become easier. That one will take a while, because some of the items have been tagged wrong, so we'll need to go through it, item per item to make sure they're tagged correctly and then the remodel will work better.


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