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Outfit slots are broken.

Since the switchover I've been trying to make a new avatar and it won't make it public. It shows in the avatar creator that the outfit has been saved over as I've switched over and made public the other 4 with no problem. It's just when I change, save over an outfit and press the 'set as primary' button, it uses the outfit that was originally in the slot and does not register the new outfits. I've refreshed, hard refreshed, relogged & cleared cookies.

Re: Outfit slots are broken.

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xx__I have forwarded the issue to Caitlyn.
xx__Hopefully, she can resolve it for you asap!

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Re: Outfit slots are broken.

hi hi. Could you see if you can open your browsers developer console and take a screenshot for me of any errors there? For chrome, you can right click on the page and select inspect, then open the 'console' tab

Re: Outfit slots are broken.

It wouldn't work, what I did was save outfit as well as set as main avatar. Then it worked for me, I got the same error too. Do both save outfit and set as main.

Re: Outfit slots are broken.

Those are all errors that aren't effecting your ability to save, believe it or not haha.

I was able to successfully save an avatar by 1. Switching outfit. 2. Equipping item. 3. Save Outfit 4. Set as Primary 5. Refresh. Is that the order you're going in?

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