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Selling duplicate items?

So I'm not actually sure if I'm just blind or this isn't a thing yet. I have gone through the marketplace but that's just selling to other members. I was looking for a way to sell the duplicates that no one is buying. Is this something that already exists and I've missed it?

Re: Selling duplicate items?


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Do you mean duplicates of event items? As far as I know, the only way to make anything off of them
is to sell them in the marketplace/forum. But, with Roli being less active than it used to, the marketplace
is pretty slow moving. I typically hold onto duplicates on a mule, and let some time pass for them
to gain more value before trying to sell them to anyone that missed them.

If you're just looking to get rid of them, there are plenty of charity threads that stock up on
duplicates to give away to new members!

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Re: Selling duplicate items?

We use to be able to sell to the shops but this got removed by the old owners we had, they didn't like it for some reason and wanted to force users to use the automated marketplace this way. You could look into donating stuff to the donation faerie but I don't believe she buys them. I am pretty sure I've mentioned to staff before that I'd like the option to sell back, thank you for giving me a reason to bring it up again :)

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