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Buying Plats / Soul Chaser / Elemental Swords

Plats - 300g/per

These other items look pretty cool too...Seeing if anyone's got any extras?
If so, name what you'd like.

Jester - Bought
Soul Chaser
Elemental Swords

Can also pay in stars for them. Just let me know~

Re: Buying Plats / Jester

i can sell you some plats.
how many are you looking to buy?

Re: Buying Plats / Jester

Hmm, I guess ideally 60-80 would be nice to think about trying for Jester and/or being able to snag a future MI.

It's up to you on how many you'd like to sell, though~

Re: Buying Plats / Jester

hmm.. i can sell you 60 plats!
ill send a trade :- )

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