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Buying stars! (done)

I need about 250 more stars so I can unlock the last (I think? I hope!) level of my Banunny.
I don't know if they still go for 0.5g or not, but I'll offer that much for each for a total of 125g.

Re: Buying stars!

250 stars for 320 gold, I'lld do it immediately, no lower.

Re: Buying stars!

Sounds good! I don't have much else use for this gold anyway, I don't think.'s been a while since I've bought anything, are people still using the donation method? I'll just do that and include a note, I guess.

Edit: I don't actually know how to do that anymore. Hmm. Do trades work?

Re: Buying stars!

Sent a trade, thanks

Re: Buying stars!

Thanks! I was really worried no one would be on to see my post.

Re: Buying stars! (done)

I don't think the trade has completed for some reason...not sure if it's broken or what. I tried to look through some threads in the help forum to see if it was an issue but I didn't see anything. It's possible I missed something, though.

Re: Buying stars! (done)

I confirmed it, finished.
Thanks for participating in probably my last Roliana transaction. I have 154k stars if you need anymore.

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