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Neglected Housework

That moment when you purchase everything you need to make a curry, however you've neglected to do the washing up therefore the Curry has to wait.

Now i've been somewhat productive in changing the layout of my living room and decluttering my desk. However thats not where I should be directing my motivation... even if my living room is starting to look swanky.

Anyone else like to neglect housework only for it to return and kick you in the booty.

I'm seriously hungry yo.

Re: Neglected Housework

I neglect doing the dishes all the time. It usually results in me having to use a spoon to spread butter on my bread because all the knives are dirty xD

Re: Neglected Housework



At my place we have a solution for that problem @Nova: we bought a BUNCH of knives :laughing:
We've got so many that we have 2 boxes in the cutlerly box filled with knives. Whenever 1 gets empty, we're like: I think we need to do the dishes :laughing:

By the time we actually do them, sometimes we're already half through the other box :laughing:

Sometimes we're more active though and it gets done immediately. But sometimes we're just not in the mood xp


Re: Neglected Housework

I constantly neglect to... well, do any cleaning LOL! Recently, my apartment was so bad one of my friends cleaned for me. :joy:

I solved my dish problem by only having paper plates, bowls, and plastic cutlery. Now I only have to clean pots, pans, and cooking utensils. :grin:

Re: Neglected Housework

In the end I cleaned enough to make a curry... and it all got dirty again.

One time it got so extreme I had to eat my cereal out of a saucepan.

@insaneluzer I might have to take up your ways by buying plastic cutlery and paper plates :joy:

Re: Neglected Housework

I hate cleaning. I'm putting off cleaning the bathroom, which is just gonna make things worse. But I can't bring myself to do it cuz I keep thinking of all the other things I need to do.

I hate dusting too and my room gets super dusty. I can dust one day and then in two days it's all back. What the heck :/ makes me not wanna do it, as, what's the point!

Re: Neglected Housework



@insaneluzer : Lol then it must've been really bad if your friends starting doing the cleaning for you. Although in a way it's brilliant. You don't like cleaning so whenever your appartment gets into a rough shape, you just call that friend over for "drinks". Their "need" will kick in and they'll clean your appartment for you. Cheap housekeeping :wink: The challenge is to make it not too obvious.

Also about the paper plates etc, doesn't that cost you a ton of money in the long run?

@Lucius : I hate cleaning too. It usually feels so pointless. To make things worse, I've got a dust allergy. So if I need to dust stuff off, I start sneezing and scratching myself and I literally need to take a shower to get rid of it. Usually I dust stuff off whenever I am already planning on taking a shower :P Or I make my mom do it. #benefit_of_living_at_home
Although my house is worse than yours when it comes to dust. With me, especially in the old rental we used to live in, I could be dusting stuff (with a wet cloth and then use a dry towel to dry the area!) and then turn my back for 5 minutes, turn back around and bam, everything is covered with dust again. In our new rental, it is a little bit better though. Now it takes about an hour XD

Sometimes putting things off just adds stress to yourself and it's just better to go ahead and do it. That's what I've experienced.


Re: Neglected Housework

@freyate: Nah, I buy the cheapest paper plates and plastic cutlery (usually the store brand or whatever's on sale). And sometimes I reuse a paper plate if all I did was microwave like a burrito on it or something and I rinse and reuse spoons when all I use them for is to stir my creamer into my coffee. The only non-disposable dishes I use are pots and pans, a spatula, and coffee mugs.

Re: Neglected Housework

I was speaking to my manager at work about the paper plates thing idea as he knows I'm super lazy and then he reminded me that recently he let me purchase a £60 dinner set for £1 because the packaging was missing and one plate was broken. So I think paper plates for me in this case would be more expensive than the new dinner set :joy:

Re: Neglected Housework

I’ve been really exhausted lately. Between work and the kiddo and everything else I just haven’t had the energy to keep up with the housework. I do just enough to keep it livable but it’s oretty deplorable. I would be ashamed of myself if I had the energy.

Re: Neglected Housework

I often forget to do certain chores, or I'm know that I need to do it and I tell myself I'll do it later. xD; Speaking of chores that I forget about... I should take care of one before I forget again.

Re: Neglected Housework

@freyate oh goodness that's a lot of dust! Dx Your problems with dust is me with bleach, though. Makes for interesting times when I try to clean the bathroom. I can't stand using bleach but sometimes it's the only thing that'll work. x.x

Yes that is very true. I did manage to do a bit of cleaning earlier in the week, and I know I always feel like I can think better once I do that. But it's still tricky to get started sometimes,

Re: Neglected Housework



PROCRASTINATION! It's a horrible disease, Lucius. Totally agree: it's so hard to get started. But it brings you down on so many levels. Cause you have a lot of stuff to do (homework/job/whatever) and then you think oh no I need to clean this room still...gosh look at all that dust and dirt. And mop the floors and...
And then you just feel sooooo not in the mood to do that cleaning that it moves over to your other tasks on your "list".


Which reminds me, I -still- need to grab a bag and go upstairs and collect all my cans of soda from the past week. I had to get up so early in the morning I always forgot to take them along. So now I got 4 empty cans of soda in my room. (Note that I watch tv in my room in the evenings so yeah) I was hoping the sugar in the soda would keep me awake, but noooope. I've tried 3 times to watch this movie and I kept falling asleep each night -sigh-


Anyways back to housework. I feel even more respect to my mom. She's been a housewife for her entire life, taking care of the house and me ... and I totally get how much she used to do then...while it feels like nothing got done before back in the day. I don't get how other families do it. Going to work all day, then making food at night and clean up the house too >..> I'm whooped after going to work...
But I guess that's why there are so many cleaning jobs these days, a lot of families hire cleaning ladies >..> or corporations to do professional cleaning etc etc.

Would anyone here hire a cleaning lady or cleaning corporation to do the cleaning for them?


Re: Neglected Housework

I feel like I would have to "clean for the cleaning person." Like I would find myself cleaning up ahead of time because it would embarrass me that someone else was cleaning up my mess. Not that I have the money to afford someone else to clean my house anyway haha!

I am lucky in that my husband does most of the cleaning since I work full time and he doesn't.

Re: Neglected Housework

I try not to let my dishes get too bad though sometimes I forget til late at night and at that point it's like, yeah no I'm not getting up to do dishes :cold_sweat:

Currently I'm procrastinating on sweeping though :weary: It's not THAT bad but my landlord comes by tomorrow for the monthly inspections so I like things to be tidy. :sparkles:

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