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I'm an adult

One of my new years resolutions was to open a savings account. I've literally put this off for YEARS, its always been one of those things that just get put at the bottom of the list of things to do.


I'm officially an adult.

I also set up a direct debit so 10% of my wages go in there every month. But now the prospect of saving up to learn how to drive is becoming more and more real :joy:

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Argh I'm going to have to save up for driving lessons soon... I've put it off for about 10 years because I've always relied on public transport (OK...
and my parents :joy: ). My younger brother already learned and has a car, but he's going to New Zealand for a year in February, and the flat I live in comes with a parking space that I don't currently use - next step, learn to drive and use my brother's car! I'm actually freaking out a little bit, partly because it will feel like the last piece of my youth is vanishing and partly because I can't imagine me let loose on the roads!

Adulting is scary :sweat:


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My parents have had a say in my life since the moment I was conceived, so they helped me make a savings account when I was 10 and doing a newspaper route. :laughing:

But I think it's more common than not for people to not have their license or a savings account; especially a license because it's scary out there. You also don't really need to think about either of those things in such a fast paced world; easier just to use the bus.

When I first started driving I was 16, didn't want to, my dad wanted me too. :> Now I'm just as fearful on the roads as ever and avoid driving as much as possible though I can. - I miss the days of dating partners who could drive for me. :laughing:

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awesome! congratulations on debt management! <3

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Having a savings account is definitely important. Congrats! <3

Driving isn't too hard once you get the basics down.

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That's great! :smiley:
I have a savings account, but I don't use it.

And I don't want a drivers license because I'm terrified of causing an accident or dying in traffic.
So... You're definitly better at adulting than me xD

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Everytime I make any progress with a savings account something comes up and I have to use it all :cry: Which I know if the point BUT STILL.
So I have to restart one again soon, probably once I get my next paycheck.
We'll see how that goes....

Also I've been driving for years and I can honestly say it's in my top 10 list of things I REALLY HATE :angry: But it does get easier the more you do it so you can look forward to that part.
Look on the brightside of it: you can go anywhere WHENEVER YOU WANT. Which means you can do important adult things, OR do like me and use that power to buy ice cream and beanie babies at 11 at night :goat: ALL THE POWER.

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Welcome to the adult world lol
I can't drive still... I mean I have taken lessons but then job was just too much so I stopped it for a bit... yeah... only for a bit.... which is now leading to it's 3rd year >.>

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Re: I'm an adult

i have a savings account but there isn't anything in it anymore. unfortunately i cant work anymore and my savings have slowly dried up.

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I remember when I first got a bank account I thought the Savings account was totally useless! I was a teenager and my mom took me to make one just cause?
I had no idea what the difference was until I got a $20 deduction as fee for transferring money to the checking account from the savings because I didn't know how the Debit card worked. ; . ;
I don't trust having multiple accounts.. Now that I'm an adult I can handle it, but for a savings at the bank I'm at I think you need to have a minimum of $1.5K in it at all times if you don't want a service fee.

ヽ(゜Q。)ノ? 무서운거 재미있지..?

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Really?! That's not a good bank i mean taking fee for transferring money?!
I got around 3 accounts at the moment, one is my main with my husband, then the other is a saving for both of us, the third one is my personal saving account. :D

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I feel ya I really need to set up a credit card but I really don't want to be one of those people that will over use it.

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If you don't want to get a credit card because you're afraid to overuse it, @Phoxa , then don't get one? Who says you actually "need" one anyway?

Although your fear of overusing it, might actually keep you from overusing it...

I don't get why people get credit cards anyways, we got one too 11 years ago. And it sent our family in huge debt! In 6 freaking months time! Ridiculous how quick it went. But you think, 100 bucks here and there, that's not much, but it starts adding up and before you know it, you're in debt and you're wondering when your next meal is going to be.

We cut our credit card once we realised how much my mom was overusing it (since she didn't get the concept of credit cards, to be honest she should've never been in control of the finances). And my dad made ME, a freaking 18 year old, responsible for our finances. After 4 years, we finally became debt free. (So do the math: it took 6 months to get into debt, but 4 years to get out of it)
I said I'll NEVER get a credit card ever again. If you can't afford it with the income you have currently, you should NOT buy it.


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Yeah that's what I'm afraid of but it just sucks because if you want to be able to get a nice house, car, apartment or something like that they all look at your credit. Thankfully my fiance has amazing credit but I don't so I don't know if it will effect us as much.

Re: I'm an adult

What we do for our credit card was we use it in when we need it or for small-ish things. Then we wait for the card to clear before we use it again so we won't go into a mess. so this way we build up are credit score but not over using it at the same time.

Like now we used it last month to buy a bed. Now we are waiting for it to clear so we can use it to buy the plan ticket.

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