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What are you buying?

I finally have the funds to buy a new laptop, and get a nice one at that! Normally I'd be excited to find something/compare models/etc, but I'm so drained lately from my job and constant travel that I can't seem to muster up the proper enthusiasm :pensive:

Anyone else making some purchases?

I also need more pine pellets for my hedgehogs litter box, but that's not fun in any regard XD

Re: What are you buying?



Currently I'm not making any purchases. Although from the sound of my mom's "suggestions" I might be getting more clothes or curtains ... And with "I", I mean: my mom will suggest to go "look" on these websites to just check out the stuff they have, and then she'll be like: oh I want this or I want that. And looks at me with a puppy face and basically I'll feel forced to purchase those items for her. Since I got some nice income the past month. (Which is my only income probably for months).

basically, she knows I got money on my bank account, so now she wants to spend it all =.="

I'm so glad I don't need to buy a new computer or laptop or phone. Would also not be looking forward to the whole comparing of it all; And for some reason I always find something "better" for a decent price right after purchasing the bloody electronic device.

The -only- thing I'd like to buy would be a decent camera. But I don't know enough of camera's to be able to purchase one =(


Re: What are you buying?

I'm a strong believer in retail therapy so I shop all the time. :goat: Do I buy too much? Probably yeah but I have tons of cool stuff from it :heart_eyes:

Recent purchases include: neon yellow moose bookends, a Star Wars Kylo Ren poster, a bunch of used manga, pink flamingo bedsheets, a tie dye Bob Ross shirt that says Good Vibes only, and two Tokidoki Mermicorno magnets for my fridge.

As you can tell I make mature responsible purchases... :shopping_bags:

Re: What are you buying?


I'm teachnically not buying it with my money;i has no money.
but i asked my dad for new headphones as mine recently broke.
they aren't expensive headphones. about $15. But I am getting blue headphones which
should arrive on Monday or Ttuesday depending on the weather.
But i am excited cause they have deep bass and are noise cancelling. :musical_note:


Re: What are you buying?

Still have not purchased laptop, though I half heartedly looked at some today! Sort of/not really progress. Probably for the best as a piece of my dresser fell off, so I'll cut my laptop budget in half and go to IKEA this weekend for a new dresser before the rest goes to pieces. It's pretty old and has been moved like 8 times in 10 years, so I'm not too surprised by it lol

@Stylo I get waaay into collecting, and then have to stop myself hard or else I'll go broke! Do the Monster High Dolls have rare ones that get flipped and all that with a competitive marketplace?

That sounds frustrating Frey =/ (not understanding a need to budget)
My current laptop, a netbook, takes like 10 minutes just to boot up so you'd think I'd feel some urgency or excitement here, but nope XD
I too wish I knew anything about cameras! I try to get photos done every year of Cale and it definitely can be costly, but I'm not sure I want to learn a new skill or can afford to.

Oooo, what cosplay do you have planned Phee??!! I love seeing what people come up with!

@Goat Your shopping sounds wonderful <3
Also, I love toki!! They came out with Tokidoki JuJuBe diaper bags and I got sucked in... a lot :smile: I pretty much had to unfollow so I wouldn't want everything. I do believe in retail therapy though, I just try to keep it small or food is always a good one.

Headphones are super important, I'll keep my fingers crossed the weather cooperates and they get there soon! Noise canceling is what I need for sure XD that, and a microphone that works. I'm addicted to hands free phone talking now, so until a few of my relatives learn to text more it's a need.

Re: What are you buying?

I need to go grocery shopping as soon as I'm not sick. xD A good chunk of my money goes towards food.

I should look into getting a new phone. My current one is in good shape, but it's been slowing down a lot and been having some technical hiccups. I want a headphone jack, so I definitely won't be getting another iPhone.

I'm also tempted to buy a new video game, but I have a giant backlog and there's not any games coming out soon that I really want.

Re: What are you buying?

I spend more on food than I probably should XD

I am very happy with it except that the keyboard seems huge compared to my tiny netbook, so my typing is shit, and installing everything on it takes forever and is a huge pain. Overall it'll be great once I get through all that!

Re: What are you buying?

I just bought a bunch of pretty new fabric. It just came in the mail today. I'm excited to start on making something out of it.

Re: What are you buying?

I'm actually trying NOT to spend (beyond food/other basic necessities) because I need to make sure I have enough money to pay for a new apartment. And I just started a new job (was unemployed for a few months prior) so I need to build my money back up.

That said...I also spend more money on food than I probably should...

Re: What are you buying?

I went shopping yesterday so here's some more funky fresh stuff that has been acquired by a Goat: t-rex salt and pepper shakers, a poster of a crystal, a mug with a fancy giraffe on it, a mug with my zodiac sign (I collect mugs, among other things), a cat pillow, and some bath bombs :alien:

The Goat continues to make questionable purchases (but now I smell like cake frosting cause of one of the bath bombs sooooo...).

Oh and I bought groceries too but that was mostly cat food and stuff to make sandwiches so nothing really exciting. Forgot to buy milk though :open_mouth:

Re: What are you buying?

I've dipped a bit into savings recently to buy a new bed.
The bf kept getting back-aches to the point that we'd sleep on the couch more often than in the bed and it was starting to fall apart a bit. I'm trying to get rid of it for free atm, but no ones even interested, that's how bad it was :joy:
It was hell to get into our apartment, but we're very happy with it.

I've also invested in a few new shoes, though I'm not sure how many I'll keep yet. Ordered online and in one size they're too big and in another too small, UGH!

I also went and bought a bit more high quality clothes? I used to buy mostly at H&M and such or binging at Primark (let's disregard the ethics/morals, etc.), but the cloth just never felt good and as soon as it gets hot and I sweat, it smells weird and I feel uncomfortable in my skin.
So I've taken to just doing a bit more expensive shopping maybe twice or thrice a year and invest in some nice quality clothes and shoes that'll hopefully last a bit longer.

Re: What are you buying?



Due to lots of circumstances, the hubs and I just bought a camper. Now we're living in it with our brood of cats [over a dozen xD] Other purchases we're making this year, or making plans to, are a truck to better pull it [My SUV is ok for short distances, not long ones tho]... And probably some renovation stuff for the camper itself. We want to make it look like a 50's diner :D


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