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Pets! Pets! Pets!

I just really love animals!
I've had cats my whole life, and I've loved them, but when I moved out and got a cat of my own it awakened something in me and I've become a crazy cat lady, who goes about showing everyone pictures of my cat all day!!
Please feel free to share pictures of your precious pets, tell us about them, and share funny or cute stories!!

The following is me babbling, and optional, but here's my lovely little boy! (In spoiler tags partially because I may ramble. Skip this part if you wish!)

Pictures: 1 2 3

About Him:
Eight years old, named Eclipse! He's my precious baby boy who must've been a dog in his past life, because he acts like a puppy.
He's super playful and cuddly. He is super clingy and gets very needy. He's energetic and friendly! A curious little explorer. The tinier the box the better! He is incapable of feeling anger towards anyone, though he'll sulk if you ignore him. He can be a little demanding, especially when he wants lunch or pets. He always comes when called! He's my sweet baby boy.
Backstory: We adopted him due to my depression, and my being cooped up in the house all the time. My mental health has significantly improved since his arrival into our lives!

Some Stories:
He protec...
He is always there when we need him. One time I suddenly had really horrible chest pains out of nowhere. He was watching a bird outside when the breath was just knocked out of me and I couldn't even make a noise. He hadn't even been looking my way but he just knew something was wrong. He immediately turned around and darted by my side, notably upset, meowing as if to say "are you okay, mommy!?" He then refused to leave my side until a few minutes after it passed, just to make sure I was okay.

He loves his boxes! He sleeps in them every night, but only after we fall asleep. He insists on curling up by my feet until he's sure I'm safely asleep, as though he's watching over me.

Despite his friendly nature, he's even a guard cat! My fiancee woke me with alarm, thinking someone was trying to break into our locked apartment. He was terrified. Kitty was scared but bravely arched his back and hissed, poised in front of the door and ready to defend us. Luckily it turned out to be someone who was drunk and thought we were their friend's apartment, so everything was okay.
He attac...
He's gentle in general but super playful! At a certain hour every evening he is practically bouncing off the walls. He will run at the kitchen and dining room tile and just slide across it like ice. He loves knitted toys best. He tends to tear them apart, so they better be well made!

While he seems kind to other animals, he does seem intent on pouncing upon squirrels and birbs. And I don't think it's a territorial thing, and he's really playful more than a hunter. Luckily for the animals, there's a window keeping them safe... but it hasn't stopped Eclipse from running face-first into it twice!

He does get a little carried away when playing sometimes. He has never scratched another person on purpose, but he can play a bit rough. One time I was petting him and he got so excited he decided to become playful, and batted at my hand, which scratched it. I pulled away and went "ow!" and his expression suddenly changed to alarm and he gently licked my hand as if to say "I'm sorry!"
...And he snuggle! He's literally the clingiest pet I've ever had, demanding attention all day.

Tell me about your pets!

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Oh goodness ... Such a cutey! I wished I could have a cat, but my mom is so against it that it ain't normal anymore >..>

Instead we got dogs. I personally love cats and big dog breeds, mom doesn't feel comfortable around big dogs anymore because she's afraid they'll attack her or jump on her and cause her to fall down.

So we got 2 small dogs right now. Little lap dogs sorta speak.

Dog one:
Name: Mopke
Breed: crossbreed between a chihuahua and a shih tzu
Gender: Female
Temperament: Typical chihuahua temperament. Very picky eater.
Picture: Posing for the camera
Fun fact: She was the smallest of the litter. So I picked basically the smallest breed and then I picked the smallest of the litter :laughing:
Funny story: Since she grew up with a big labrador dog, she thinks she's a big dog too. So she uses the same tactics as my labrador used when playing with the snack ball and stuff like that.

Dog two:
Name: Miko
Breed: midget poodle
Gender: Male
Temperament: lap dog. Afraid of being left alone.
Picture: When wearing his favorite coat, While watching some dog shows on my laptop
Fun facts: Loves mac n cheese, Loves riding along on my moms rollator, loves massaging my boobies, loves to be cuddled when sleeping
Funny story: Every single morning when I wake up (Mopke sleeps with me upstairs, Miko downstairs with my mom), after I go downstairs with Mopke, Miko welcomes us both with excited cries and jumps. For some reason he greets Mopke first and then me. He loves her more I guess XD If my mom is not awake when I wake up, both dogs will lick her awake. So SHE can let them outside. They do not go outside unless she opens the door. If I do it, they just go back to my mom's bed. Ofcourse, if they really need to do, they'll go outside with me, but... if they can hold it in a little, they'll force my mom out of bed XD


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I'm one of those crazy cat ladies so I've ALWAYS had cats. But we did have a few dogs and other critters growing up.

Cat #1- Sassy
My boy is beautiful and fluffy and is a spoiled child. He's 5 years old and I've had him since he was 6 weeks old so he thinks I'm his mom or something. He gets very upset if I don't give him enough attention. His favorite toys are these little soft mice I got for like 3 bucks. Also he got jealous that he couldn't fit inside the shark beds I bought them (the other cat fits in there fine) so he smashed them down and they just sleep on top of the shark now.
The guilty child on said shark bed here's one of him making a funny face

Cat #2- Nebula
My girl is a ball of furry energy and her favorite hobby is staring out the window all day. She also enjoys playing with my hair ties and claiming dominance of the highest spots in the house (sometimes being in places she SHOULD NOT BE) She's two years old and about half the size of Sassy but that's more cause he's just a big cat, she's pretty normal sized. She's also the most vocal cat I've ever owned, and is usually my morning alarm clock since she loves her canned food so much.
here she is on the cat tree next to my bed and here's her reaction to snow

They are not best friends, but still pretty good friends so I leave you with these cute pics of them being BUDDIES
pardon the background in all these here's them interrupting me making my bed and last one enjoy

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New laptop but working on the photos part!

I have two cats.
Always had cats, love cats I consider myself one even lol.
But I am ready to own a puppy. A nice puppy to grow into a nice dog.

But my current babies are my kitties.

Ravenpaw, and Jayfeather.
Jayfeather is my siamese one, blue eyes and such a active petite little guy!

Ravenpaw is my sweetie, black and white/grey tabby. Big guy! He just loves cuddleing and is a sweet soul.

I named them after cats from the best series in the world! "The Warriors"

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I love animals! We have a family cat who is black and white furr. His name is Sanjiyah. My sister in law named him after an American Idol singer from a few years ago. She moved out and never took him with her. And its been like, 4 years XP Oh well the cat is cute and fun to have around. My allergies finally got use to him too. As long as he doesn't sleep on my blankets.

But it was funny because last weekend me and my best friend went to the lake. And when I got home the cat slept in my bags that I took to the lake. And also cuddled me and snuggled my legs for 2 days in a row because I smelled like lake and fish to him. Even though I showered! I guess cats have good noses.

But just now he eat my chicken that I was saving for later. . . . grrr.

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I currently have one cat: a silly little sweetheart that I adopted through my local humane society just this May. I named her Sierra, mainly because that's just the name that came to me when I saw her, but I also think it fits her and is meaningful on a deeper level too. As far as I've been informed, she was found as a sick and injured stray. Her back, left leg was broken and the injury was old by the time she was found. That leg has since been amputated at the the knee, but being a "tri-pod" does nothing to slow her down.

Here she is. She was settling down for a nap and noticed me trying to take a picture of her.

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Awww. What a pretty kitty.

I just got a cat o3o and I'm going to be adopting another one a little later on. The one I just got is a long fur tortishell cat, not sure what breed she is exactly, and the one I'm going to be adopting later on is a black Turkish Angora cat.

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