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What do Rolians think about socks?

What kind of socks do you wear?
Do you hate socks?
Do you like to wear socks?
How many socks do you have?
Do you judge people for their use of socks in ways you consider un-proper or weird?

I wear ankle socks.
I wear them like most people; for protection and warmth and comfort.
I have way too damn many socks.

Re: Socks

I wear black socks, because the cheapest socks are usually black.
I can't stand wearing ancle-socks, I keep feeling like they're falling down and I need to pull them up.

I thought I had a lot of socks, but I keep having less and less.

I guess socks are alright, but I like being barefoot when I can.

And yes, I do sometimes judge people for wearing ancle-socks, because I cannot fathom how they can find them even remotely comfortable.

EDIT: Ancle-socks are the kinds that only go up to your ancles, right?

Re: Socks


i love ankle socks and fuzzy socks but mine almost never ever match


Re: Socks

Nova wrote:
Fri May 11, 2018 12:19 am
EDIT: Ancle-socks are the kinds that only go up to your ancles, right?
Yes indeed. If they're small crappy ones they can fall under your heels, and that's annoying, but rare.
Stylo wrote:
Sun May 13, 2018 11:31 am



I don't necessarily wear fuzzy socks, but I do like a good comfy pair of socks. For... comfort I guess.

Re: Socks

` B̷̵̷e̵̴̵h̛̕i̛҉̀͢͟n͠͏̧̢̀d̸́͘͠͝ ̵̧̨̢y̡͏̵̵ó̷̡͢͝ư̷̶̕͠.̷̴̨̡.͏̡

Fuzzy seems suited for winter when you want the extra warmth.

I loove thigh high stockings/socks! It's really hard to find them because knee highs are always given the thigh high label. (´ □ `)

I have mostly the ankle socks as well. It looks better with most shoes.
I would totally wear ones with designs on them or some type of character, but i don't think it would suit my age..

I'm most comfortable being barefoot though. (・ v ・)

ヽ(゜Q。)ノ? 무서운거 재미있지..?

Re: Socks

My girlfriend has lots of sock-related lingerie that's high up. Because she's fucking kinky; I personally haven't worn knee socks in years, yet I could see the advantage for the right person (non-erotic).
Ankle socks are easier to handle and on put on/take off.

Re: Socks

I hate socks and prefer sandals, but when I wear them I prefer ankle socks.

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