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My Opa died 6 months ago actually. In his last years, I went to take care of him. I lived in the house with him to take care of him. Opa is Grandpa in German, and he was the only living relative I stayed in touch with. Him and Oma. I loved Opa and Oma even though they were the parents of my blood family and my blood family was pretty crappy, Oma and Opa were always there.When I was adopted they came to the states to follow me, so they could be near and I had SOME family to look out for me.

Oma died a few years ago, and Opa was coming along. An elderly dying is a LOT of work for the caretaker. You are changing adult diapers, helping them walk, doing every single thing. Because they revert to like a baby, they can't do it for themselves.

I'm sad, but I'm ok. I didn't think much of it at all, until I got a call from a lawyer saying I needed to come in for a will reading.

I've been left everything. The estate in Germany and here, everything in his bank account.
I have a one bedroom apartment for my husband and my son. We live paycheck to paycheck.

And now I suddenly have the large house in Munich and here. And some money.
Then I get a call from my parents. My blood parents wanting hand outs. They said they are sorry, different people now, blah blah.

Now I have no idea what to even do with all of this.

What would you guys do if you inherited 2 estates on either side of the world and a little pocket money?

I'm thinking of buying plats.

Re: Opa died


don't do anything until you've talked to a lawyer first!
make sure you can afford the buildings (if not, sell them?)
and don't let any abusive family browbeat you into giving them any money!
a lawyer can help you take care of who can and can't get
their hands on what is now YOUR money as well as international taxes


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