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Re: What do you want for CHRISTMAS


You won it?!?? Are you seriously for real, ahhhh?!?? I am so excited for you, I knew you could get it done, omggggg ahhhhhh!!! This is so perfect and I love that it happened!!!


That is a whole ton of cats but I bet that they gets a whole lot of love from you too, you're sweet enough to give it, ahhhhhh!!!

Re: What do you want for CHRISTMAS

Oh my, that is the most sad to hear but I am so glad that ya'll became their guardian angels and saved them from horrible disasters!!! They most definitely deserve all the cuddles and the finest food and care then, ahhhhh they sound so adorable and lovable!!!

Re: What do you want for CHRISTMAS

..... I forgot my own topic SORRY GUYS.
The Goat unfortunately works retail so holidays are pretty crazy for me @.@

Also I don't think I mentioned what I myself want so GUESS WHAT. I'm getting a PIANO KEYBOARD with my money and some money my dad sent as a gift :musical_keyboard: I haven't played since I was a kid but I've been telling myself for years I wanted to try and relearn it. So now I'M FINALLY DOING THE THING.... soon as the one I want is back in stock :cry:

I.... didn't actually ask the rest of my family for anything and they didn't ask what I want so I have no actual idea what else I'm getting.
Wouldn't mind my car being paid off. *says this after spending like $600 on all her friends' kids for Christmas*

Re: What do you want for CHRISTMAS

@Inspire I am very excited for it to arrive in the mail! :3

Re: What do you want for CHRISTMAS

I get to do more Christmas shopping today weeee!! Just got to buy the rest of my mother's present and then my cats main present.
Yes I buy my cats presents don't judge. They didn't like the first thing I got but hopefully they like this one >.> My girl should cause it's similar to a toy she already has and loves.
.....And then I spend the rest of my money buying presents for ME :laughing: :gift: . Just don't ask how much I already spent on myself.

@Ino Post pics when it arrives!! :grinning:

Re: What do you want for CHRISTMAS

I shall post pics when it arrives! I'm so excited!!! XDf

Re: What do you want for CHRISTMAS

Yoooo now that Christmas has arrived, did you all get some good stuff? :open_mouth: I hope you guys got something you wanted :goat:

I myself got some makeup, some shark socks, a slow cooker, MORE MONEY FOR THE PIANO KEYBOARD, annnnddd some other good stuff :christmas_tree:

But very importantly my coworker grabbed me this giant stuffed t-rex when it went on clearance for $10 at work. Trying to pick a name for them and when I do I shall post pics!! :gift:
I got:

Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler in a park jeep, and Ian Malcom Funko Pop figures from my boyfriend. A super cool cat picture from my dad, A Hogwarts acceptance letter and a super amazing friendship mug from my best friend. Then a dead pool funko pop, a mini Tentacle Kitty plushie, homemade sugar cookies, spinach & artichoke dip mix, a golden snitch necklace and bracelet set, and a beauty kit with a sleep mask, bath salts, and body scrubs, and a Cheshire Cat tervis tumbler from another amazing friend.

The two from my best friend are my absolute favorite and everything else is pretty much even because I fucking loved it ALL!

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