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Favorite meal?

Do you like breakfast, lunch, or dinner best?
And if you feel like elaborating, what foods make it your favorite?
I think dinner is my favorite meal. There are just so many yummy entrees. One of my favorite dinners is chicken tikka masala with rice and naan. Tasty!

Re: Favorite meal?


I don't think I really have a favorite meal. Breakfast is probably my least favorite, though. If I wake up early because of work or something and it's super early, then I usually find it difficult to eat anything. xD;

It's hard to pick one food for my favorite meal since I love a lot of food. Here's some off the top of my head: curry (pretty much any kind for any region), mac and cheese, lasagna, beef stew, chili and cornbread, burritos, fried rice dishes... I'm blanking on more lol.

Re: Favorite meal?

I'm not really a breakfast fan because I don't really like traditional breakfast foods that much. I mean, I'll eat them, since I think eating breakfast is important, but I don't LOVE them or anything.

Ahhhh, those are all really good choices! 😋 Macaroni and cheese is still one of my favorite meals of all, haha.

Re: Favorite meal?

See you didn't give dessert as a meal option and that's my fav :cake:
Seriously, I'm a junk food addict so my favorite meals are like, tacos. Or pizza, or CHICKEN FRIES which I had for lunch :heart_eyes: And uh, spaghetti and meatballs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches.
Yeah my eating habits are.... not so healthy :pizza: :hamburger: :icecream:

Oh my favorite meal is lunch, guess I should add that. Usually skip breakfast since I work early so I grab a snack at work sometimes.

Re: Favorite meal?

Oh, duh, how could I have forgotten dessert??? D:

I'm the same way! I'd eat pizza or macaroni and cheese all day every day, if I could, haha. My boyfriend's also kind of gotten me into fast food. Not that it's his fault. It's just so good! XP

Cool! Lunch is good too, I just find I usually have like a sandwich or something which is kind of boring.

Re: Favorite meal?

Night lunch hahahaa, or well food in general no matter the time of day.
Pizza and sushi rolls are among my top.
Usually depends on the time of the month as well, carb cravings are at a high more than others

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