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Recovering a Mule?

I had a mule account before I up and disappeared for a while, and I'm trying to get it back. I thought I would have given it the same password as my main account, but for some reason, I didn't :grimacing:

How do I go about recovering a mule account?

I tried contacting the board admin through email, like I would if I was recovering any account. But I haven't gotten any reply yet. I don't want to send another, if there's another way I'm supposed to do this.

I don't remember how much gold it has on it, but it does have a few items I'm REALLY dying to get back, or at least keep using. Please help! :heart:

Re: Recovering a Mule?

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Re: Recovering a Mule?

I've was in the email earlier today and never saw anything from you, I don't think? Send me a PM on here and I'll look into it ASAP

Re: Recovering a Mule?


Watch out, Cupid
Stuck me with a sickness...

The issue has been resolved!
Caitlyn helped me realize...I had been misremembering my own username...

...Pull your little arrows out
and let me live my life
♥ ♫ ♥

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