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I have to say I agree with you about Tattered Weave. I've been playing around in it for the past few days, and in my (admittedly short) experience, it does feel more like a game than a community.

Also, I'm loving the look of Pantheon's avatars!
SolarMoon wrote:
Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:36 am
@Phantasmagoria Cools! ^^ Same username?

@tehrin Awwwwyeeeeee same. I'm in the Ava server, and the main admin's been dropping all sorts of previews of stuff, from the avatars to the forums setup. It's looking like it's gonna be pretty sweet ^^
My username on Voltra is Phantasma.
This is probably a long shot considering how few people come on here these days but...does anyone know what happened to Menewsha? It was chugging along pretty well considering the owner seems to have left it to rot, but I tried to access the site multiple times yesterday after having no problems all week and I keep encountering an error saying that the site is down. Unsure if they're finally trying to fix their many server move issues (without any warning? Seems weird) or if the site got yanked (again, without any warning 😔). I don't know where else to ask since I wasn't part of their discord and I don't have other contact info for the other active users.
Oh? Who are you over there, if I may ask? Probably someone I've talked to in the past week, lol, but I've chatted over there a lot and my memory is bad. And I don't think you have the same username over there. 😛 I'm Cinderella.

Ahhhh, thanks for the link! I finally have a reason to download discord again.
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