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Re: I just want y'all to know...

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      1. Um where does the line start for mod buttons?
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Re: I just want y'all to know...

Been there ... not done that. =P Though it was fun to know that I could.

Re: I just want y'all to know...

We should totally get a "like" button for our posts >3<
Lmao Nunu. I hated being a mod on minecraft, people always bugging ya for stuff, asking for favors, asking to be a mod... I do NOT have the patience.

Re: I just want y'all to know...

Well I'm pretty sure people WOULD pm the staff. ...
I almost just repeated what I said before..

How does one be a mod for minecraft? @-@

Re: I just want y'all to know...

If the ROLIOCOLYPSE happenened?

Make all items free and old uncommons as well. we could all have our richest dream avatars for 24 hrs before the implosion.

Re: I just want y'all to know...

You don't just leave if a site is closing!!! You run amok!!! \:D/ I mean, you will be very sad and upsets and ...stuff.
and no erections allowed in my thread, it's just a baby -pets-

Begging is very scary don't do it kids! [-X
And maybe if you hadn't been a mod for so long then step down but leave other buttons people wouldn't get confused! Or they could be color blind!

Free items would be awesome.... till I took all the bases and turned them all sideways :twisted:

Re: I just want y'all to know...

Saber Alli wrote:
Fri May 17, 2013 7:02 pm
That IF we ever were gonna shut down (which I don't see happening) I would totally hijack some admin powers and make every single user a mod.

Imagine it, you log on and there it is!!! A shiny new mod button all for you. You squeal with joy and prance about as you use your powers. Then 24 hours later the site shuts down forever.

But just that once... you'd be able to enter:

(and see how pathetic we are :-$ )

How crazy would that be? I'd be editing people's posts like a mofo. Draw the ugliest pixels imaginable and then upload them as items, or maybe something not pg-13 :x3

What fun would you have if the end was near?
It did happen.
@Saber Alli Will you stay true to your word?
I know this is far necroing and a apologize, but I think circumstances should pardon it.

Re: I just want y'all to know...

With my powers, I would give myself a bunch of plats and give them all away effectively putting prices down.

Also, get every item I ever dreamed of having and changing my avatar every hour.

And then, with my powers and some money, advertise on reddit. Everyone goes there. BRING ON THE FRESH BLOOD TO PICK ON MUWAHAHAHAH!

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