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[ Rate the Avatar Above You ]

If you are confused as to why this thread has popped up, please go read the new announcement here!

So kiddies, this is a very simple thread. You rate the avatar that is currently located above you. Here are a few pointers which you should keep in mind when rating;

    » Make sure that you give the person a score out of 10. (Ex. 8/10)
    » Do not just give a rate without explanation. Give a comment or two on what you like and what you do not like. Feel free to mention what that person can do to improve their avatar.
    » Constructive criticism is welcome, but please explain. Pointers are always welcome.
    » When you are being rated, please do not ask to have a dream avatar rated. This is strictly for your current avatar.
    » Even if you do not like the avatar that you are rating, please try to be as nice as you can about it. Do not snap at the person telling them that their avatar is terrible. Tell them something that they should improve on instead.
    » Avoid rating the same person without adding new comments. Give them a chance to receive new rates.
    » This is the most important one of all, NO ONE WORD POSTS!!

Kenneth, you have a darling hat, but I'm afraid you're lacking the color purple, which makes it ever-so-drab =(

7/10 for you!


      Oh Cait, you and your purple, all the time. xD

      And I give you an 8/10.
      The colors are very nice, but I just think it has too many items, and could use some more yellow? o:


    Too many mismatching shades. >.<

    unique, matching, overall i like it but some color would definitely be nice. =]

I really like your avatar but I think you could you a little bit more blue somewhere. It's cute overall ^^

love it sooooo much


      You get a 10/10 for the invisible body. ;D

10/10. I love the little star on the side and I think everything goes well together.

    4/1O ^^;

    The hair, dress and eyes seem really out of place to me. Try getting the Pink Radiance Dress and adding a couple more pink items around or just take out the pink completely and add shades of blue that seem to look similar.

I love your avatar.
It has a real down to earth feel about it.
Maybe try some green accessory in the hair though.


It's an interesting combo, but the cyber parts throw it off to a completely different level. If you go somewhere with the water-based things and some blues and whites, you'll probably make a really good avi.

I love your outfit Ryuka.
The only thing what's missing is something gold on the lower parts of your outfit.



The dark blues and the blacks are just a magnificent combo. It's very mystical, mysterious and soothing all at once.

And believe me, if there was some kind of proper leg jewelry that was gold, I'd wear it. XD

10/10 Love the use of the shades of brown. Not something you see everyday.
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