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I just want y'all to know...

That IF we ever were gonna shut down (which I don't see happening) I would totally hijack some admin powers and make every single user a mod.

Imagine it, you log on and there it is!!! A shiny new mod button all for you. You squeal with joy and prance about as you use your powers. Then 24 hours later the site shuts down forever.

But just that once... you'd be able to enter:

(and see how pathetic we are :-$ )

How crazy would that be? I'd be editing people's posts like a mofo. Draw the ugliest pixels imaginable and then upload them as items, or maybe something not pg-13 :x3

What fun would you have if the end was near?

Re: I just want y'all to know...

I'd probably just stop coming on as soon as I found out. Crysandrea was less than fun after everyone found out it was closing and I just didn't wish to be a part of that...

Re: I just want y'all to know...

I'm not even a mod and people still pm me for issues that mods handle..
I mean, I want some love but not harassment :T_T:

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