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bye roliana

Hey yall. Ive been a long time user of Roli, since 2007. I haven't been active in YEARS but I've always come back a few times a year and just checked on the site even though I never posted. I just saw that Roli is going to die next month and I feel so sad. I first joined this website when I was only 8 years old. I knew I wasn't supposed to be on here LOL but I couldn't help it, I had so much fun playin with my avatar and I chatted with a lot of good friends on here of all ages. Honestly Roliana was a huge part of my childhood and I'm going to miss it. Back when I first joined this site in elementary school I was going through a lot, my parents had been divorced since before I could remember but they had joint custody and my father was very physically abusive to me. I don't think I was still seeing my father regularly when I was 8 on this website but I experienced (and still do) experience distress from it as my parents were still battling in court and stuff. So having a website like this was good for me simply because it distracted me and killed a lot of time for me. I enjoyed chatting with folks on here even tho yall didnt realize I was a literal child LOL

Now I'm 19 (almost 20) and I know that's still really young compared to all the rest of you veterans but obviously I've grown a lot since then. I'm halfway through college and doing pretty well for myself. I have a car, a boyfriend, great friends, 3 cats and a family who loves me.

Tbh I don't really know why I felt the need to come on here and share my life story but I guess I just wanted to let myself say goodbye to this website for good. Even though I don't come on here anymore (and haven't been coming on for years), I think I would regret it a lot if the site just died and I didn't get to say goodbye. Surprisingly, Roliana still crosses my mind semi-regularly. So I want to say thank you to this website. I'm sorry that this website never received the kind of success it deserved. But honestly I will forever treasure those times in like 2010-2011ish when it was still bustling because I had a lot of fun during those times.

So goodbye Roliana. Thank you for everything! RIP!!!!!!

Re: bye roliana


I remember you! I've been digging through my Photobucket account, and I made a banner for you ages ago.
I don't think I ever knew you were that young lol.

I think it's only natural that a lot of us want the closure of saying goodbye to a site that we held dear for so many years.

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