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I'm not really happy with any of the ones out right now; Roliana & Gaia are like my last bastions of hope though. ; 3 ;

Caedon, Voltra & Kaeska, are not in a state where I can use them in the ways I want too; while the later of the three have REALLY badly shaded items. Solia is...being run into the ground so it would seem. I hear theres some really shady things going on again with shadow banns of users the Solia owner doesn't particularly like so it's something to take care with if you guys ever try going back there. Theres also the scandle where 90% of old solia's paid items are not coming back. I honestly don't understand why there are still people using Solia in the state it's in now, desperasion I have to think. My hope is Voltra & Panth are just enough to put Solia to rest for good. I don't hate the staff there or anything, I just think it's time to let go of Solia. It's pretty aparent that Solia's owner does not want to do what's best for the site nor the user base. It's like a longer, far more drawn out ver of Ernya's heat death.
Caedon? I used to mess around on it. It's a lot like this site but my problems with it was that it was super easy to earn currency but the shops were pretty empty. I was pretty much just buying the same items in different colors. The art style is really well done though.
I have my husband, his friend that happens to be a girl...she put fake nails on me last night....she filed them for three hours and my hands hurt and I hate the nails I can't do anything with them I ripped them off hours ago. She is also his ex which I don't mind but eh...I don't consider that super friends.

And I have online I guess. People I talk to on here. His family hates me, my family is kinda ok with him.
XD Love all around
I got lucky. My in laws love me. My mom hates my husband though she won't admit it. (She got a little drunk and a little honest at my wedding.) I can't say we're friends with any of our exes. We met in high school and didn't really date around. We clicked and agreed that if ever we grew apart we'd just end it and remain friends. Though we've been through quite a bit so I don't think that'd happen.
My husband and I are best of friends. We did grow apart but got right back together and married this time around. When we met we just looked at each other and it was love at first sight. It was as if we knew each other our whole lives. Best friends from that night on.
My husband met me at my lowest point. I was routinely cutting and contemplating suicide but he just kept finding excuse after excuse to talk to me, walk me home. He read The Dark Tower series and hated it. But he read it to the end just so he could ask to borrow my copy of the last one. Don't think he ever read it now that I think on it.... He convinced me to run away with him and I gambled. Pretty sure I hit the jackpot.
I was at my lowest too. I was so sick I had lost over 160 pounds the doctors didn't think anything was wrong I was on feeding tubes. I thought myself ugly I had no friends nothing. Well I did have one back then. She invited me over and didn't tell me guys were going to be there. It was after I had my feeding tubes put in which is bag of digested formula that follows me on a hospital pole. Tube goes in my nose down my throat into my tummy.

He got me marijuana, and from then on made it his mission to help me get better. He saw me as beautiful.

We both hit the jackpot. =D
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