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@Shinko If you're still looking for other avatar sites then I agree with Emilyinneverland on Caedon. Another good one is Menewsha, I'm on there almost as much as here ^^.

Avaricia is another good one. It's got a really cool theme as a kind of...apocalyptic/sci-fi air? And the community's pretty cools too.

Uff, I must be getting old. I just logged into Gaia and I'm just so overwhelmed, visually. I don't even know where to start, uff!!!
But the avis I see sure can be hella cute compared to my clunky over a decade old avi :joy:

Also I think Dappervolk is out of beta soon, October 25th?
I really didn't play much there, though it looks so charming. Just have a hard time getting into new communities...
Are any of you on Dappervolk?
Yea, they only mention it as like, a kind of sidenote to the beta registrations?

"Our last open registration period during beta will be this Saturday! Remember to register now if you want to secure an account before Dappervolk closes for development in the months leading up to Official Launch!"

Accepted your friendrequest :blush:
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