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@Shinko If you're still looking for other avatar sites then I agree with Emilyinneverland on Caedon. Another good one is Menewsha, I'm on there almost as much as here ^^.

Avaricia is another good one. It's got a really cool theme as a kind of...apocalyptic/sci-fi air? And the community's pretty cools too.

Uff, I must be getting old. I just logged into Gaia and I'm just so overwhelmed, visually. I don't even know where to start, uff!!!
But the avis I see sure can be hella cute compared to my clunky over a decade old avi :joy:

Also I think Dappervolk is out of beta soon, October 25th?
I really didn't play much there, though it looks so charming. Just have a hard time getting into new communities...
Are any of you on Dappervolk?
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