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Well, like a dumbass I signed up for every one of the sites you guys just mentioned (same username). Especially liking Sapherna and recolor. Sapherna looks like it reused a lot of the old assets from Crysandrea, the avatars are very similar (the eyes especially). But very happy to have an avatar site heavily featuring bugs in my life again!
@realAniram Oh! I'm glad you're liking Sapherna!
They did get a lot of things from Crysandrea because they are using the same base code for the site since the old creator left it open source for anyone to use.
The artwork and such are different because while the code was released the art was not, so they had to do their own thing.
I forget what Crys's avatars looked like, but I recognized the bug hunting idea X'D

And I'm trying to decide if I want a Space Station on Voltra, or give them a second magical academy....
Same with Saph. Either way, one of the two is going to see Noctem de Magia move to there as well (even with the Roli-avatared faculty :laughing: )
Oh yeah. Such fun XP

On the upside, the staff's been able to pick up at least some of the slack; even with Insomniac disappeared off the face of the earth, they've been able to host the regular Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines' events. And on top of the owner being missing, several members of the staff have been dealing with all sorts of IRL issues popping up on their own, which makes it doubly astounding that they've managed to keep the site running and events happening.

It's also really, really telling that Inso doesn't seem to particularly care what's happening on the site. Either that or he got eaten by a bear or somethig :/
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