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Omg I wouldn't know where I'd be without my doggies. I'd feel soo miserable.

Cats are great tho. Easy maintenance. ALTHOUGH! according to the show 'my cat from hell' you need to get the right equipment. They're high maintenance on equipment definitely. Scratching posts and wall climb parts. Enough litter boxes for them to pee in. Oh no, 1 box ain't enough, 1 cat needs like 4 litter boxes or they'll start peeing on the carpet or couches. And the pee is very...bad. According to people on the tv XD

Dogs are easier that way. They're happy with anything XD Although...I guess cats are happy with boxes.


Re: {Platinum Inflation Countering League}--

Haha I guess they all have their own personalities and needs. But no matter what pet you still have to clean up after them and feed them. I feel so bad for the goldfish; we never had a proper tank for them...

Ideally I'd want a cat that likes cuddles! Is that asking for too much? :laughing:


Yes that is asking for too much. Not alot of cats like cuddling. Although I was once seeing this video on facebook about special cats and they can do so much. I guess if you're a dog person that ends up getting a cat, you can dogify your cat and it'll like cuddling more and do tricks and everything.

I actually wanted to get fishes but it takes a lot of money to get a tank etc. And my mom is against it, so I guess not -shrug-


Re: {Platinum Inflation Countering League}--

I don't think any random cat can be "dogified" but that would be neat.
xD I'll be satisfied with cat GIFs for now!

Yeah and fish can have varying social needs depending on species, gender, size, etc. if I recall correctly from conversation with a fish enthusiast. It's more complicated than I would've thought. :tropical_fish:


Really? Fish are that complicated? Weird x_X I can totally get the: don't add boy fish and girl fish unless you want baby fishes XD That one seems obvious. And like: don't put regular fish with predator fish in the same tank. Also obvious. But other species and size etc etc...I never thought that was important.....




I kinda keep it up and running for Mizore cause y'know: life gets in the way some times.
You want to keep the plats and have people "order" plats from you and you send the trades yourself or do you want me to do that for you? If you chose option 1, I'll just add you to the first page. Just let me know how many platinum you're willing to sell and for how much you wish to sell them.
If you chose option 2, still tell me how much gold you wish for them, send over your platinum by trade to me and I'll sell them for you :)




Well actually that is a good question @mekatra Let's discuss it with the owner of the thread + the regulars XD Feel free to give us your opinion too :)

@littleblack @Mizore @Shiyura @Hotarla : About the topic of what is considered a fair price for platinum.

On the first page it says 100g each. But honestly I feel that's really low. Especially with the games making it easier to earn gold these days + the bank giving quite a bit of interest...
People sell platinum for 200 - 250 gold each these days.
So shouldn't we atleast start selling ours at 150 gold? Heck, I'm even for selling them at 200g.

I know we used this thread to keep inflation down, but I don't think there is much inflation right now XD And gold is becoming more easily earned ...

Or is it up to the one providing the platinum?


Re: {Platinum Inflation Countering League}--

well gold is pretty easy to make these days, what with games and all...o; i can easily earn 150 just from playing one game...xD

i think 200-250 is a good price..o; at least, that's what i would think...c;

loooool 'ghoShi' should totes be official...;D

Re: {Platinum Inflation Countering League}--

yeaaaah? i think sooooo? i mean, you can make more if you have a higher score i thinkkkkkk....i don't really bother playing so i can get like 70-100 gold, maybe more...xD;;
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