A place to buy and sell your items

@ Freshie;
1,2oo is fine. So 600 Gold?

@ Ammorin;
Thank you <3

Thats good to hear.
Im doing pretty good.
Just tring to find a place or two to chat and earn some hearts.

Maybe, I have seen alot selling for .5. Only they sell one time and once there hearts are gone they close the thread more less.

Where you have been here for a lil and have been selling an selling.

Which is good for you. Events are usually how i earn my gold on here. Im not very good at earning gold. Its hard for me to find places to chat lol
However im late on this event so im loosing gold buying hearts instead of selling hearts lol

I have seen ones for 1h = 1g. So I thought I'd go somewhere inbetween. ^^;;
I just hope I'll have more to sell if I run out. :P
I dont buy much, so theres nothing that good to offer. :P
I have lots of EIs however I think I'm keeping them for a bit longer or something..
Since I really dont have many commons/etc. The stuff I'm wearing is pretty much all I have except for the wings and EIs.. ^^

Same here. I mainly have Event items and a few monthly items.
I think i have a shirt and then a hair style as far as commons that i can think of lol.

Its so hard for me to gather gold i mainly try and buy the monthly items or items i have missed from events or that roli gave out.
I hardly spend my gold on commons.

Heh. This gold is mainly just been gathering since..last September-ish? I believe. I didnt post a lot around of that time, but did make sure to play the games. ^^;;
I'm mostly saving my gold for the Headphones. Since they're crazy with the inflation..

How much are the headphones?
Also i know that for a while not sure if there still but the angel and demon wings were cheap and then in no time at all they inflated to a crazy amount.
I know i paid 3k for my demon wings and i was like thats a whole lot and then i took a break from roli for about a month maybe a lil longer or shorter and there like 15k then.

Its between, 5k and 12k, for the headphones.
I went somewhere in the kinda middle. However most sellers are asking around the 12k price range. :/
I'm not offering more the 10k. :P
And yeah, if the items are in demand, they'll go up, Rainbow Pixie just went over the rainbow and back manytimes with all that gold. xD
I dunno how it happened. :/
However the EIs from '08 seem to be doing ok. :3

I cant blame you.
I get angry at sellers who look at the price guide and if it says the items worth 1k-3k there like 3k and no less.
I mean i know its there item and all and everyone wants gold but be fair. I mean if you say best offer gets and someone is like 2k and then you get a offer for 3k or more then ya sure thats great. That person offered, but when they are firm on the highest price. I think thats kinda greedy.
In my opinion. Of course.

*Bumps you back up to the top shelf where you belong* Ello mistress lady. How you doin?
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