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My Last Escape...


"It all began as an ordinary day in September, an ordinary day in Raccoon City, a city controlled by Umbrella. No one dared to oppose them, and that lack of strength would ultimately lead to their destruction.

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I suppose they had to suffer the consequences of their actions, but there would be no forgiveness. If only they had had the courage to fight! It’s true that once the wheels of justice begin to turn, nothing can stop them, nothing…It was Raccoon City’s last chance, and my last chance, my last escape…"

The Item Box:
How do these things appear in every box I find?!
I offer fair prices and will NOT be asking for over Price Guide. I will NOT be selling to resellers.
Monthly Items:

-Winter Weather
-Dawn Moth

-Hell's Gate[/spoil]

Event Items:
[spoil]-Bunny Hairclip Black
-Bunny Necklace
-Carrot Earrings

-Sea Sword
-Sea Bow
-Sea Staff

-Sea Turtles
-Marea's Hairpin
-Birthday Gift 1
-Birthday Gift 2
-Birthday Gift 3
-Birthday Gift 4
-Birthday Gift 5
-Small Boos
-Winter Wolf

-Winter Dress
-Winter Shirt
-Winter Staff
-Winter Stars
-Decayed Female Top
-Decayed Pants
-Decayed Skirt
-Decayed Stockings
-Infected Army Dress
-Infected Army Legwarmer
-Infected Female Base
-Celestial Army Belt
-Celestial Army Coat
-Celestial Army Dress
-Celestial Army Halo
-Celestial Army Shoes
-Celestial Army Socks

-Female Light Sleek Hair
-A LOT Of Unwanted Event Items From 2011-2012, just ask![/spoil]

Spin Items:
[spoil]-Meoti Ears And Tail
-Jnco's Gear[/spoil]

Evolving Items:
[spoil]-Snow Ribbon 1
-Snow Ribbon 2[/spoil]

Unsolved Puzzles:
I'm currently looking for a Bat Bow, Pumpkin Crown, and Snowman! Along with this, there are several MI's from 2008-2010 that I am missing and am interested in, let me know what you have! My lower priorities include the newer (2011-2015) Monthly Items. So...let me know if you'll sell! :wink:

There are some files here…one of them appears to be Jill’s diary.
[spoil][6-27-12] RE2 Marshalling Yard First Half:
A flare gun. Got your lighter?

Leon: Yeah, I always carry one!

Claire: Shit. I left it in the Item Box. Sherry, go back to the sewer and get it for me.

Sherry: The Weapon Box Key is right here, Claire! (Points at corner of platform)

Claire: Do as I say, Sherry!

Stuff = $368.24/(6)figures+comics or $449.84/(1)replica+comics[/spoil]

lol steals first post XD

Do you accept art? o 3 o


    Would you be interested in the following easter 08 items? C:

I decided to just keep the old layout because it's cool like that. 8)
And I wanted one of my good friends to take the first post too, that's why I asked you!
Samples please? And for
what item? ;P
You know i've always told you that you were selling a lot of what I wanted, I just don't ever have the gold. :lol:
Unless you would hold for me? :puppy:

There's a link in my sig to my shop. and for camouflage o 3 o but I'm starting to think against it >><< XD

I like art, but I also do need gold to save up for a Kuru...
I'm not too sure either! O:


    Haha, of course I would. All for low price guide, that would be 1500g. C:

. . . Save it for me? I will come back for it later I promise!

lol Ahh I see about your other account ?

Okay, i'll get started on getting the gold! I'm not that far away
from that either! ;3
Sure, I got it for 2k, is that okay with you? ^-^
I really, really miss it, but there's like no chance of getting it back! :T_T:

works for me ^ -^ thank you~

did you talk to like MrWar or anything

I'm too scared to talk about it with the staff...
But I keep thining about it, I just never have enough confidence...

Also, I really think they would just say "your fault, sorry"
Okay, let me know when you have the gold! ;P


Could I get you to hold please the grave stone I should have the money in a few days tops. I will buy it for whatever amount is needed to get it. PLEASE!!!

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