Out of character. Talk RPs with your partners
That they definitely do. And argh. I thought I had notes on this universe tucked into a folder I store a lot of miscellaneous story notes and...nothing. absolutely fucking nothing. Goddsdamnit. DX

Anyway...soooo....trouble happens and maybe your group shelters mine or your group gets in trouble near their star port and they end up requiring safe harbor?
Okay, awesome! I'll work on getting the rp set up sometime this weekend unless you would like?
Haha alright. Sounds good.
Bumping, just in case anyone sees and might be interested. XD

It's cool. Are you still interested in the ones we started or are you no longer feeling them anymore?
That's fine. Take your time. I'll still be here whenever you're ready to pick them back up. :)
You're good girl. I mean, I have a couple of rps that haven't been replied to in literal months and if the other person came back and decided to pick them back up I'd be down to do so. LOL
Hopefully, but I also know you have a lot of shit going on right now so of you can't get to it until things settle down I understand. RPing has always been a form of escape for me but there have been times where even I haven't been able to rp like I usually want to.
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