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Re: Stylo's Art Dump - criticism requested!

All of these, from page 1, have a real good feeling to them and all look incredible!!! The character design and development is SOO amazing and they all look so good!!! My personal favorite has to be the one with long blue hair who wears the same brown Indian-esque outfit all the time!!! Her style looks incredibly put together and the colors are perfect for her seemingly great backstory!!!! I fell in love and also felt the feelings I was supposed to of every one and I couldn't get enough!!!!!
Ahhhhh, omg, her name is amazing, just like her, hahaha!!! The roll of the tongue and the sounding is so perfect!!! Nah, I think it's very creative and amazing and overall glorious. I think there should be more, in fact!!! Ahhhh, I love the creativity. I also believe you deserve constant and daily appreciation for these masterpieces!!

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