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sooo i'm curious to see if anyone here is also trying to do inktober this year. i've done poisonous and tranquil and i'm working on roasted. i'm actually taking time to do these and i've noticed my drawing has improved since last year. i generally don't draw by hand anymore because i just get angry. erasing your mistakes and finelining and detailing at microscopic levels is a LOT easier in photoshop (even my outdated version) so this is pretty challenging. i'm going to post my facebook links because last time i tried to post pics here i couldn't get the cut to work. ... 6693171137 ... 1306453009 ... 1139754359 ... 4589692014 ... =3&theater

it should be public because it's my official art page. but let me know if it's not.

sooo can i see yours if you've done it? i'm working from the official inktober prompt list but anything you're drawing for the month is good too of course.

Re: inktober

Yup I'm taking part this year!
(Your links are broken D: )

I had a bad start because I fell asleep (accidentally led down when waiting for the kettle to boil and just never got back up again)

I haven't put any up online yet though. I'll post when I get them uploaded :grin:

Re: inktober

ty, try now?

last year i did three days and i was trying to post youtube videos and get enough sleep not to die at work XD so i gave up after a while. so this year i'm recording some videos in advance to post over the next few days and focusing my time on the drawings.

<3 i can't wait to see them! i'm trying to think outside the box on these. todays is roasted dandelion tea.

Re: inktober

ty! and yay! yeah so far that's mine too. i think i'm going to do a color version of it in digital for my redbubble later.

Re: inktober

wow that's awesome! haha i used to love x men and storm was my favorite! lol i can't ever ink anything without smudging it.

Re: inktober

same. i'm not sure how many days behind i am now lol but i'm going to try to make up for it today. i'm doing better than last year! lol

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