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The urge to rage quit is unreal

I've spent gods know how long on this drawing and SO many times I've had to prevent myself from rage quitting.
I keep failing getting the skin colours right and in the right places BUT its the VERY last thing I need to do!!!

I honestly don't know how I haven't destroyed it yet.

Re: The urge to rage quit is unreal



Have you tried just taking a break for a bit and work on something else?
Sometimes, by doing that, the next time you work on, you get it right on the first go.

It's what I tend to do all the time with my work. If I get stuck, I just put it aside and work on something else. Then I turn around and go back to work on it after a while and voila it goes really quickly then...


Re: The urge to rage quit is unreal

Do you wanna know the funny thing.
I didn't destroy my work. I took a 3 hour break and then returned to it.

And then I went to make a cup of tea while the final layer of inks dried. I returned. There was a line through my artwork. A ladybug had decided to walk through the wet ink and leave a trail.

Re: The urge to rage quit is unreal

That just means that life didn't think it was right for you to complete the piece at that time. You were meant to go through the frustration to make yourself calm again to be a better person!!! There is good and bad karma and it has to be balanced. Good for bad, bad for good, etc. You might just have an amazing event coming your way in life, just you wait!!! I'd consider that a blessing by nature myself, a glorious ladybug commencing my work as existing.

Re: The urge to rage quit is unreal


Batsy Says. . .

Art is all about the challenges and how you overcome them.
I have had many times I wanted to quit.
But when I see the progress in my art or even accomplishing a tiny task, I am very fulfilled.
Art does not make me happy all the time[especially when I do studies] But when I do get something right
it is very fulfilling.

Skin is very hard. It just takes a few tries to get it right.

Re: The urge to rage quit is unreal

I've corrupted my drawings on gimp so many times so I totally feel you. I switched to photoshop and no longer have it happen but... having to REDRAW something a ton of times made me want to ragequit as well... also when I can't get something right. I usually work on something else or give myself a break to think about it before going back and working on it... also finding references of the same thing I want to draw online helps, even if it is hard to find sometimes.

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