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Re: Kyon's Art Collection

Your boyfriend can be so weird xp
But I guess that makes him even more adorable right?

I know the husband of my niece told us all the time he wanted to become a dad when he turned 30.
He had to wait a year longer xD

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

Yeah my boyfriend is really weird.
Well I have known him all my life though.
In the two years we have been together he has always been quirky like that.

The other day he was on the couch sniffing my hair.
His cousin's comment went like this:
"Your boyfriend/my cousin is so weird."

All I could say back was, "I know".
My boyfriend is really adorable though.
He just has those um ok? moments where he is weird.

Although most of the time when I am over,
he just doesn't want me to leave at all.
It's really kind of cute how he acts like that.

I wanted to go home and he just wouldn't let me,
so I ended up sleeping over at his place.
It's kind of become a bit of a habit every weekend I see him.

Well that doesn't sound too bad.
I mean you don't want to be like 17/40 when you have a kid.
Due to being too young and way too old.

You just need to be in the middle for that really.
That way there isn't too much of a weird age gap you know?

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

That really sounds so cute xp
It reminds me of what mum said about her boyfriend also not wanting to let her go. And now she's at his place every weekend.
Apparently some asked mum when she will be moving in with him.. It's not been a year yet o:

being weird doesn't necessarily mean bad right? ^^
From all that I've heard, it's pretty common to sniff your lovers hair o: Seems like everyone does that.

Yes, I wonder if people who become a parent at an older age, still can connect well with their children. I mean, they will be 60 or older when their child goes to college/university o:
A young parent can act like a friend to their children, but I don't think you can when you are that much older. It would just be a friendly mum/dad.

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

Sorry I've been a little busy these days Siffy.
My boyfriend has his cute moments.
Christian says the same thing to me as well.

That and he hates it when I have to go home.
He always says "snuggle me" or,
he'll have his arms spread out because he wants me to hug him.

Moving in with a boyfriend after not even close to a year is way too early.
Well at least in my eyes it is.
I mean if she is ready then sure because she's old enough.

I have only been dating Christian for two years.
I would move in with him probably after four of five years.
Yes you are right and it is kind of normal for him to do that.

Well they are still your parent nevertheless,
but I'm pretty sure no matter the age they can still connect with their child.
Yes I do understand where you are coming from.

At the same time I would never want to be,
say sixteen and pregnant like I know some girls out there are.
I mean they just fooled around and bam a child popped out.

At that point the boyfriend is most likely not going to stick around.
Then the poor girl is all by herself raising a child,
unless the family supports her choice with the child.

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

oww, now you are making me jealous =D I want someone to say "hug me" too.
Guess I need to hug my cat some more. She does ask for hugs a lot. Well, not these days since my sister is here with her Spitz. Now I don't see my kittycat much o:

Mum's practically living with her boyfriend. Now she's staying at his place from Friday till Tuesday. So 2 days are being spend here at home. This week she's been to Germany for a week. So it wouldn't make THAT much of a difference if she was to live with him every day of the week.

It's indeed easy for the guys to leave when they've made their girlfriend pregnant. But the girl has to live with being pregnant and delivering and everything that comes after it o: That's how you see how immature guys can be at that age.. No responsibility whatsoever.

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

I'm sorry Siffy.
I didn't mean to make you jealous at all.
My boyfriend just loves the hugs and snuggles.

Awwwwwwww that sounds really cute.
I am at home at least three nights a week.
I work four days a week.

I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off.
That is for this coming up week.
I see him Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Yes I completely agree with you there.
I feel so sorry for the girl when the guy leaves her.

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

^^ It's okay Kyon. I'm jealous all the time about people getting hugs and stuff. Blame myself for being so alone. Nothing you can do about that o:

It's so weird.. but in May, my kittycat has been with us for 1 year already o: Seems like only yesterday that I brought her home with me..
But I wouldn't be able to go on without her >-< She made an impressive evolution from being shy to still shy but open to me ^^ And I think it will eventually evolve to her being open to mum and my brother as well. (: Just takes more time.

I think my sister said she saw her boyfriend not that much. Because he's busy with building a house and working at his friend's house and during the weekends he goes to soccer games a lot. So that means Sunday and maybe during the week a few times, but not staying late since he has to work the next day. And sleep enough it seems. My sister said he always has to have like 7-8 hours of sleep o:

Just heard a colleague's big news that she would become a granny in Summer. Her child is only 18 years old but pregnant. So far everything goes well, and her boyfriend is still with her. But yeah, who knows what will happen if the baby is born? Now it's all positive talk and he wants to leave school to go work.. Don't know if that's a smart decision since you need a diploma for lots of jobs.
But, I just hope he stays with her and they can raise the baby together o:

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

I'd give you all the hugs in the world,
if you lived near me. :luv: :nod: :heart:
Wow that has been a really long time.

Well people/animals change and grow.
Everything just take s a little bit of time really.
Your sisters boyfriend sounds pretty busy.

My boyfriend is a carpenter so he works really hard as well.
I see him every waking moment I can though.
He makes me so happy when I'm around him.

With work being sometimes a b***h,
knowing I get to see him makes it all better after.
I think it could also be the people that I work with as well.

Oh wow, that is big new to hear.
He should finish school first though.
Most jobs want to see your high school diploma before they hire you.

That or some kind of schooling to back you up on the job you take.
The saying "It's a doggy dog world out there", really does apply.

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

I didn't realise it took me that long to reply here o:
But here I am again xD

I know you would hug me to death Kyon :heart:

Mum was complaining the other day that she doesn't have any grandchildren yet. And the daughter of her boyfriend is the same age as me, and just turned into a mummy. I replied her that I do have a baby, just one with 4 legs and a long tail xD AND that I can always get another one, who will come to her and ask for hugs (cause she was complaining that she can't hug my kittycat yet) She didn't answer to that xD

My sister is a bit sad that she can't see him more? But she doesn't really show it much. When we were talking yesterday, I did notice that she wants to spend more time with him. But she's been talking about moving closer to where he's building his new house. So that when he's done working there, he can come to her. And they will be able to see each other a bit more.

Yes, a diploma is definitely a necessity these days, but at moments like that, kids don't really care I think? They aren't looking at the future, but the present. Now I don't want to go to school, Now I want to work, ...
I hope his parents can talk him over in finishing is school first.

My work has been quite repetitive lately.
How's yours going?

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

I'm so sorry it's taken my forever to reply back here.
It took me a while to find where all my threads went.
I mean I do like the new look and all,

But it makes it rather confusing to find things.
Oh wow maybe you and her boyfriend's daughter,
can hang out sometime and grab a coffee or something.

Why can't she hug the kitty cat yet?
Well that makes more sense for her,
if she wants to see him more.

Yeah finishing school would be the best for him.
If anyone can convert nice him,
It would have to be his parents.

Awwwwwwww and my work has been the same as well.
They are trying to cut down on hours,
because we aren't that busy right now.

Honestly it really sucks because I'm not getting my 40 hours per week anymore.

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

Hi Kyon, not sure if you still visit this place, but I'm back xD (I also don't know for how long to be honest)

In the meantime, mum and her boyfriend are doing very well. He bought a house and they are working to get it painted and all.
My sister and her boyfriend broke up.

My kittycat is scared of other people, so she only asks me for hugs (: That's why mum can't pet her.

And work has been going well. I've been giving some new tasks, old tasks of mine have been transferred to our production in Tunisia.

How is everything going for you?

Re: Kyon's Art Collection

Hey Siffy,
I do visit this place when I remember to.
Lately I've just been busy with life and such.

I'm glad to hear the first part.
Sorry to hear that your sister and her boyfriend broke up.
Oh I see now.

I only own two snakes and a bearded dragon.
I like petting kitties though and puppies sometimes.
I have this cat cafe really close to wear I live.

You just pay to pet cats for an hour,
and have unlimited drinks while there for that hour.
It's kind of nice and relaxing.

I'm glad to hear that work is going well for you.
Lately my work isn't going as well as it used to.
According to my new head sou chef I'm not doing well.

He had a sit-down conversation with me on March 15th.
He and my day sou both agreed that I worked slow.
he said I was making up excuses for why,

I couldn't get my priorities done before the lunch rush started.
I was running around like a mad woman trying to get everything done.
It wasn't like I was taking my sweet ass time.

I feel like they're telling me I am a failure indirectly.
When my boyfriend came to pick me up from work,
I ended up telling him and crying the car ride home.

They told me to take the conversation in a positive light.
It's like, how can I when you say I'm doing a bad job.
All I ever do at work, is a good job and listen to them.

I just can't help feeling really hopeless in this situation I'm in.
Sorry for the rants and ramblings,
I really just needed to get this off my chest a little.
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