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[ Draw the Avatar Above You ]



Hello, one and all, and welcome to the good old Draw the Avatar Above You thread. Everyone is encouraged to come and participate, no matter what your art is. Now, a few pointers;

    » Do not draw the dream avatar, or an original character. This is strictly for current avatars.
    » Please try to avoid chatter in this thread, and if you have finished the art for someone, just edit your original post, that way the thread looks nice and organized.
    » If you come into this thread, you must draw the avatar that is above you. It is rude to come in, get drawn and run out.
    » Do not complain about the art that you get. Everyone is doing this out of their own free will. Don't forget to say thank you.
    » This is the most important one of all, NO ONE WORD POSTS!!


      Mistress Vain, I choose you! ;D
      Expect your art to be in this post by friday.

      All done. (=
      Yay for pen doodles.

ill draw you mus XP


bah its ugly XO

thanks xbabiinancyx!

and i will draw you kisa XD

done ^^
sorry it just a headshot =P

I'll draw you xbabiinancyx.

Sweet Avatar.
-goes to change mine-

Ekk! I want to draw the person above me but now all she's wearing is Toilet paper.

this is odd ... but anyways
I didn't like the first one I drew, sorry it took so long.

I'll draw Mogwai! You're so cute!! XD
edit: This isn't too prettay, but:


      Next victim please. ;D

      EDIT: *drumroll*
      Yay for even more pen doodles~

Yay ^_^ ¤Kat you're my victim muhahaha *shows sharp....teeth...uh... pen*



And thank you Ami ^_^ It's so cute!

I'll draw you Kat :] EDIT:
(Off to draw ABC xD) EDIT:
Your welcome, it looks messy because I was in a rush xD Thanks for the art Fruits basket :]

I'll draw the person above me! And I promise to not get too lazy to scan in the picture >///<


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