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@mekatra Are you looking for artwork for a banner, like a headshot with text, or are you just wanting a more simple text/graphics banner? If you're wanting art work, and add your thread/quest info on it, instead of just being on a white background. I could do something like this:

Or.. chibi art if you'd prefer:

OLD OLD ones before I changed my username on Roli, but one I have in a banner:
(large banner)
(Chibi artwork only)

A headshot I turned into a small banner:

(Larger images I just left as links)
@mekatra Awesome. If 100 Plats is good for you, I'd love to see what avatar you want drawn if it's not your current one. If you want to start trade, I'd be happy to start the artwork. (I'm trying to finish up my headshot of my new avi, but I can get a sketch done for you to see, before I get the lineart/color on)
Sounds good! I'll get a sketch going here in a minute. I'm just heating some leftovers for supper and gonna eat before I get back into the artwork though. I should have a sketch done here in a short while

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