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Re: [OPEN] PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

Coolio, I'll get to work ASAP :)
Uggghhhhhmmmm I've been meaning to try and get into RL commissions for forever now, but it's so much pressure, I'm always afraid I won't deliver the kind of quality the customer expects :see_no_evil:

I'd probably feel most comfortable with a Pay-what-you-want payment option on those as well :joy:
getting acquainted with the cosmos that is me ☾

hooray looking forward to it! I always enjoy your work ^^~
lol well lemme know cause i'd be into it if something ever happens to roli
also i'd have to save up first, cause i wouldn't want to underpay!
getting acquainted with the cosmos that is me ☾

I AM SCREAMING AT THIS OMG THANKS! donation coming your way

lol idk what teamspeak is either, off to google!!!
getting acquainted with the cosmos that is me ☾

anytime! I'll hold off on ordering for a bit so it's not just me constantly all the time forever

oooh I see o: I googled them and they look pretty neat for gaming!
I don't play much else besides sims and games on my phone, so I don't have a need for one lol

Re: [OPEN] PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

@deaa ☾ well it doesn't seem like anyone else is all that interested in my work, so feel free to request again :P

And yea, since Discord also provices chat rooms, I actually use it more for those than the actual voice chats most of the time. I mostly play story-driven games, so I can't play them while people are babbling on about something else on Discord.
getting acquainted with the cosmos that is me ☾

LOL you don't have to tell me twice!

oh that makes sense o: i can't play sims around other people unless they're also playing sims on their own device; too much distraction

:love_letter: @Francis :love_letter:

OK so i'm thinking either the avatar i have now or whoever you wanna draw on my website

Re: [OPEN] PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

getting acquainted with the cosmos that is me ☾

10 (/40)
hooray! thanks for accepting! it's a good thing i have a crapton of OCs or else I'd run out of characters to get art of
feel free to go into my discontinued OCs as well~

i always wanted to get more into gaming, but i never had any consoles besides the original xbox cause it was my brother's and i never had any money to invest in more consoles or more games :/

Re: [OPEN] PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

Well, when the characters run out, you can always make more ;P
I don't necessarily mind drawing the same ones twice either.

I feel you. When my sister and I lived at home, we'd get a handful of consoles (SNES, Dreamcast, PS2) for Christmas and such, but then hardly any games as followup. I really got into playing myself, rather than watching, with the PS2 and thus own a few more games for that.
I bought the PS3 and PSP while living at home, too, but after moving out, the expense just wasn't worth it anymore.

We have a PS4 now, because my bf desperately needed to play Bloodborne, and I've probably bought more games for it than he did, since he has a high end Gaming PC. My PC is also pretty solid now, since I got all of his old bits.

But now, we've literally been mulling over buying a Switch for a whole year. I found my own topics pondering the purchase on the forums here! And the cost of ~400 € with a game and such is just not one that I, as an adult, can currently justify when we've got so much to buy to make our home more homely.
getting acquainted with the cosmos that is me ☾

19 (/40)
I'll never run out of characters, i just make designs all the time on dollmakers xD
I have nothing better to do~

oh wow! see, that's what I wanted, but my parents wouldn't buy me anything like that—like it wasn't even on their radar—so I just had the internet, so I made that work out well for me, I got really into avatar sites and fanfiction!

oh wow that's a lot of money o3o;;; god I always forget how much those consoles cost and that that's exactly why I don't have any xD I already complain about how much sims cost
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