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I don't even know how much gold I've gotten from posting so far today. A good amount at least. I started at 36+ today and am currently at 37.35k right now. :D

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


Ah noice.
I am trying so hard to resist impulse buyin the rest of the items for my new avatar.

I've gotten to 3.3k for my out of bank gold.
but it will all dissapear when i hit 15-20k.


I'm pretty good at controlling myself for some reason. Up until the past few weeks where I've bought angel and demon wings and then some common items for avatars, I can't remember the last time I bought stuff before that. It's how I got up to 110k to begin with. Haha

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


For me it gets hard when people start offering you
offers on items you want. :sweat_smile:
thats usually when i lost all control lol.


Yeah, I understand that. The moment Daya told me that she would sell me both pairs of wings for just over 80k, I went nuts. SOOOOOLLLLLDDDDD!
The only other pair of angel wings I spotted for sale were up in the marketplace for 150k, which is what I was expecting to at least pay for both of them.

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


Well I jus bought 40 plats for 8k.
And now i seriously need to save my money.
Sellers push pause on selling to me until i get like...20k D:

that's a great deal.


I just bought plats, myself, except I paid $10 for them. I don't typically do that, but I realized the plats were pretty cheap and I wanted to donate some of my birthday money anyways so wa-la!
Where'd you buy your plats from? The Counter League or whatever it's called? Lol

And yeah, you're telling me. I was prepared to give her all my gold, plats, and even some items to get them. Thank the gods Roli was so slow because I doubt I would have had a chance to grab them otherwise. XD

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


No, someone came to my buying thread and offered that he had 100 for 200g each.
Sadly i could only afford 40. *cries*
I would've bought the 100. if I didn't have only like...12k.
But i bought 40 which is enough for the newest MI's.

Yeah I totally understand.


Ah, I see, well that's a pretty good price for them, regardless! That's the highest price in the Counter League I think. I was curious and went looking.

I thought about buying some of the recolored Angel Wings, but now that I have the original, I decided not to bother. Otherwise they don't have anything in the Ancient Temple I'm interested in. If they release older MIs that I want, I might buy more and go buy those but otherwise I think I'm good. I do want Neon Glow, though, so I can make a rave avatar again so I will probably by that one. Haha

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


I didn't wanna go in the plat selling thread cause the limit is like 40 per month i think
or something and harajuku and jester that i want are both 60.
so I just let people come to me. XD

lol. I will pretty much buy everything in the temple.
cause mos that is in there is items I actually do want.
Now i just need to post even more cause i am so broke. :laughing:


Don't forget to play the games, either! You could collect up to 800g a day from playing them.
I've been working to figure out the scoring and gold system on them so I can work towards hitting the max every time I play. Baby Rilao is 50, Retris is I believe 400,000, not sure on 2048 and Coil I don't really like so I don't care. Lol

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!

Omg an art shop. I've been desperately trying to spend all my gold on art the past few years but all the artists seem to be gone. :|

Username: woohoohelloppl
Image Reference:
Style: Experimental coloring
Style 2: Fullbody couple
Payment Type: Gold
Payment amount: 6k
Tip: 9k
Total Amount: 15k
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