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Re: Sesshomaru's Art Shop

Ah, sorry about not giving a price range, I thought you wanted to approve of the work before we discussed prices. ^^;
Hotarla beat me to it. =P But please consider me for your next piece. =3
I'll do 15k if that's alright with you. ^__^

I guess it's more like an actual tiger with pants, with the crooked legs and feline face.
The markings aren't set in stone but it's more stripy than dotty, kinda like this.
Your not being a twit, I just like to keep the options open for your own interpretations, I realize I'm being a bit vague. ^^;;

Re: Sesshomaru's Art Shop


Ooo, dragon artist, must have arts done.

I'll have to work on my OC's body description more then, for when you have free space~

Re: Sesshomaru's Art Shop

I was with reii on the price thing x px
Whenever you have an open slot I'd be happy to pay 15k - 20k if that is good for you :3

Re: Sesshomaru's Art Shop

i've been too busy as of late to take commissions at this time, would it be alright to get back to you guys when i get some free time?

Re: Sesshomaru's Art Shop

I'll still stand by my statement.
Any time [whenever you feel like it time] you'd be will to draw my avatar, I'd happily pay 20k for it :3

Re: Sesshomaru's Art Shop V2

This thread is only 11 years old right? : D
Happy to say, it's open again!

will no longer be going on hiatus, promise ;A;

Re: Sesshomaru's Art Shop V2



have you considered pixelling for roli?

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