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The Black Market
(Pay-As-You-Like Art Shop)

You walk through the nondescript door, to a very much not-nondescript nightclub. Blacklights, neon colors, and a softly-lit dance floor can be seen, and a playlist of dance music can be heard throughout the club. There are several levels; the one you overlook is the dance level, with a bar along one end and the dancefloor taking up the majority of the floor. The level you are on is a balcony/restaurant type setup, with tables and lounges set back from the main walkway.
The level above is the more...private area, split up into individual rooms where partrons can have some time to themselves...or a secluded space for them and one or two companions. In here also has a bar, and a neon-painted, black-skinned proprietor manning it. The owner of The Black Market.

Welcome to my little abode! This little corner of mine functions as half-art shop, half-hangout! So even if you're not buying some arts, feel free to stay a while and chat, I certainly won't mind~


--Art, You Say?--

Yes, arts. Primarily, avatar and OC art; either color or lineart. For an example of what I usually do for art shops on sites like Roliana, just follow this link here. Typically I'll take between five and ten commissions per month, depending on my art workload and/or how much of my energy my job IRL eats.


The pricing is, as the name implies, pay-as-you-like. I do primarily bust shots and waist-up shots, either in color or lineart--your pic. If you wish to haggle that's fine, just keep in mind what sort of art you're ordering. I'll usually accept any resonable art payment offer.

As for payments, any of the Roliana currencies--Gold, Stars, or Plats--are free game. Same goes for event currencies, if there's an event going on; if it's legal tender in the world of Roliana, it's a currency I'll accept in this art shop ^^.

The only exception for the pay-as-you-like, is sketches~! I've got a running deal on little pencil sketches, for 50 gold a pop. These don't take nearly as long to do as colord pieces, hence the deal.


Usually I try to get all the arts that people have ordered done and linked in the post below by the end of the month; if it'll take longer, I'll try to let people know ^^;.

--There's a Raffle?!--

That's right, a raffle. Every time you buy something, your username is dropped into the pot for the end-of-the-month art raffle (provided enough people buy art in a month, of course). The prize? A colored fullbody of any avatar/OC you like! If you win the monthly raffle, I'll ping you in here asking what you want drawn.

--Regarding Charities--

If you're ordering art for a charity, chances are you'll get it at a discount or even for free. Just be sure to link me to the charity you're buying for, so I know it's legit ^^.
Charities supported (so far):


Ordering an art is fairly simple; just fill out this little form down here:
Code: Select all
[b]Reference of what you want drawn:[/b]
[b]Offer for payment:[/b]
[b]Any notes:[/b]
And for charities:
Code: Select all
[b]Charity name and link:[/b]
[b]Any references:[/b]
[b]Offer for payment:[/b]
[b]Any notes:[/b]


And now, a few quick questions.

Where are the prices?
There aren't any. Basically, the idea is you pay what you like/can afford.

Do I get multiple entries to the raffle if I commission multiple arts?
No; to keep things fair, I only allow each person a maximum of one entry into the monthly art raffle. You can order as many arts as you want, but more orders doesn't mean more entries.

How long does it take for you to finish a work?
Usually I try to have them all done by the end of the month, but I'll ping each person to the thread with a link to the finished work as I get each one done. Like it says above, if I don't think I'll finish sooner than that I'll let y'all know.

Re: The Black Market: A Pay-As-You-Like Art Shop

Hii! I’m on mobile but I’ll defs order when I’m on laptop!! Dyou accept multicommishies? Like, drawing a few different OCs separately. It would take a bit longer of course but yeah. If not I’ll just commission one at a time!

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