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Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


Samples Have been Updated! :sparkling_heart: :slight_smile:

They look so cute!

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


Thank you.

I have so many more art WIPs but I wanted this thread
to look somewhat neat lol.


Just update as you go. <3

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


That's the plan.
My motivation has been slipping away fro me lately.

Though today i transfered all of my art WIPs to the new art program I am using.
Had to make them all photoshop files in order to open them with the layers i have on the original files.

Now to actually plug my tablet in and just art. :laughing:

I am also saving diagrams of the human anatomy of the skeleton and muscles so i can
draw and learn muscle and bone structure for anatomy.
I have so much to do.


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