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Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


Samples Have been Updated! :sparkling_heart: :slight_smile:

They look so cute!

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


Thank you.

I have so many more art WIPs but I wanted this thread
to look somewhat neat lol.


Just update as you go. <3

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


That's the plan.
My motivation has been slipping away fro me lately.

Though today i transfered all of my art WIPs to the new art program I am using.
Had to make them all photoshop files in order to open them with the layers i have on the original files.

Now to actually plug my tablet in and just art. :laughing:

I am also saving diagrams of the human anatomy of the skeleton and muscles so i can
draw and learn muscle and bone structure for anatomy.
I have so much to do.


Re: ☠Half-Baked ✂|Come Chat! |


Batsy Says. . .

Awesome! Feel free to fill out the form and post it here :sparkles:
I'd probably take the easter bunny ear headband in black most likely for payment.

Re: ☠Half-Baked ✂|Come Chat! |

@MoodyBats: Draw Me Cute And Fluffy!
Username: Yaoi-Or-Die
Image Reference: [X]
Style 1: Flat color Sketches
Style 2: Half Body
Payment Type: Item? (BunnyEarsBlack)
Payment amount: 5,000g or 55p
Total Amount: 5,000g or 55p

Are you sure the bunny ears are enough? I couldn't get the item search to function properly, so I don't know what they're worth. But I imagine it's not that much, they never were worth that much since there have always been so many of them. Would you prefer the entire black bunny set instead?

(Also, I don't mind commissioning multiple if you're willing or I have stuffs or gold or platinum that you want)

Re: ☠Half-Baked ✂|Come Chat! |


Batsy Says. . .


Well I don't draw very fast so really it depends if i get burnt out or not. :sweat:
And yeah I am sure just the bunny ears will be enough.
As of right now don't think my art is worth a lot, as well as this commission, is something I've never drawn which is a male so not confident on how well it'll turn out.

Also you don't need to add plats or gold since your paying with the bunny ears.
and you can send trade, but i will not be accepting it until your commission is complete.

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