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PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

To maybe boost some activity without having to do much of any actual posting myself, I figured, hey, lazy art shop! Also an excuse to use a bunch of emotes!

There's no samples and you can't choose what kind of style I'll draw (though I'll say there'll likely be no super clean lines and probably no more than one character).
But hey, it's pay what you want, so if you don't like it, no need to drop a chunk of your hard earned gold/plats/plat items.

:clipboard: So how's this going to work?
  1. See if there's open slots.
  2. If there is, post a form to try to claim a slot.
    It's not really a proper form, just add in all the info you want.
  3. Then post 15* times within 5* days of posting your form, wherever you like.
    Keep a counter in your post style to help me keep track.
    (* I'll change these as I see fit, depending on how this goes)
  4. Let me know on this topic with a good old @Francis when you're done to secure your claim of the slot.
    (Please don't @ me in each of your posts)
  5. I'll start working on your art.
  6. I'll finish it (hopefully).
  7. You send me the payment you deem acceptable**. @ me when you sent a trade, since notifications don't work yet.
    (** Accepted payment: Gold, Plats, Plat-Items (MIs, EVOs, EMIs, SIs), SUNDAES FUNDAYS EVENT ITEMS! PLEAAASEEEEEE

:pencil: Form:
Code: Select all
:love_letter: @Francis :love_letter:

(*all your important info, reference pics and whatnot here*)

:tickets: Current Slots:

1. Open
2. Open

:ledger: Completed:
Ooh ooh, pick me! I don't have a lot to offer (I just hit the 2k mark lol) so definitely don't put too much effort into it, but I love sketches and doodles and whatnot, and I'm happy to post a bunch!

:love_letter: @Francis :love_letter: (Just my current pink avi please! I promise to post a pic of this one if I decide to change it before you're done.)

Re: [Temp] PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

Errrhhhhuuuuu. My posting days are long gone. I'm not sure how I actually even managed the posts I have... probably art shops or RPs, idek.
A good ole group RP would probably get me posting, but alas.

@Kazinata I'll put you up for a slot ;) Let me know when you've got your 25 Posts and I'll get right to work!
Don't worry about payment too much, since that is rather secondary for me for the moment.
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