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Welcome to Half-Baked! An Experimental shop. Here you can find almost everything. You can find, experimental styles, flat colored style, and sketches too!
Please keep in mind this shop is mainly to help me try things out of my comfort zone, so sometimes they may not come out 100% accurate,
but I will keep trying my very best and keep growing as an artist.

If you are interested in my art, please follow down to the next post!
Side Note: You do not need to order in order to post here

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The Rules

Please Follow Roliana's TOS. Never shall this be broken.

Images are a must. When linking your images, please use Imgur. Not tinypic or photobucket or your order may be disregarded.

Be patient. I don't think any artist enjoys to be pestered 24/7 when their working hard on commissions so please don't do that.

Do not repost, edit, crop, or copy my work in any way and claim that you made it yourself. You can find my works which will be on my blogs such as my tumblr art blog and twitter. You MAY reblog it from there as long as you keep the source. If you crop out my watermark or remove the source, You will be on the blacklist; meaning I will no longer let you order from me.

Please no begging for art. If I reject your order, please be respectful.

If you do not fill out the form, you will not be added to the slots, nor waiting list. Filling out a form tells me what to draw. Just posting a ref will not be accepted.

I post WIP's in case the commissioner wants something changed. You have to tell me then and there if you want the pose or anything else changed otherwise you won't get another chance and I would've wasted my time if you tell me until the piece is finished.

For starting trades, please wait until you have filled out and submitted your ordering forms. I feel this rule is important because I may or may not accept your order.

When creating the trade, you have the choice to pay the full amount up front, or paying half up front and the other half when your commission is finished.

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Drawing Lists
This section is for all that I will draw, WIll Not Draw and Might Draw.

Will Draw

yes list

Female Original Characters/Avatars
Voltra/Other avatars
Image References
Half Human Characters
Monster Girl/Boy Characters

Will Not Draw

no list

Full Furries/Anthros
Canon Characters
Real Life Picture References
NSFW/Anything against Roliana's TOS.
Cluttered avatars

Might Draw

maybe list

Gaiaonline Avatars
Animals[such at cats, dogs, etc]
Male Oc/Avatars

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Drawing Samples
Clean Sketches
coming soon

Lineart Sketches
[x] | [x]
More coming soon

Flat color Sketches
[x]| [x]

Experimental Coloring
more coming soon

More samples are coming I promise!

Art Prices
Clean Sketches
Keep in Mind Prices May vary depending on the difficulty of an art piece.

Fullbody 3,000 Image Or 40 Image
Half-Body 2,500 Image or 25 Image
Headshot 1,200 Imageor 15 Image

Lineart Sketches
Fullbody 5,000 ImageOr 50 Image
Half-Body 3,500 Image or 45 Image
Headshot 2,500 Image or 35 Image

Flat color Sketches
Fullbody 7,000 Image Or 60 Image
Half-Body 5,000 Image or 55 Image
Headshot 4,500 Image or 45 Image

Experimental Coloring
Fullbody 10,000 ImageOr 100 Image
Half-Body 16,000 Image or 80 Image
Headshot 13,000 Image or 75 Image

Re: Setting up No posting yet plz


The Order form
Please remember to Ping Me when Ordering!
Also please remember to erase what is in the brackets!

@MoodyBats: Draw Me Cute And Fluffy!
Image Reference:
Style 1:[Clean Sketch, Lineart, Flat coloring, Experimental coloring]
Style 2: [Headshot, Half Body, Full body]
Payment Type: [Gold, Plat, MI's, Etc]
Payment amount: [See Pricing Above]
Tip: [Optional]
Total Amount:

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