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Bunneh pixel shoppe!



Hey there! Welcome to my humble shop / freebie thread / chatting place.
Since I am still new, and I could not find the art freebie thread, hopefully this is the best place to post. I don't have any references to show atm and I am currently building a proper DA for myself, so the pixels I made here are for practice purposes.

So lets keep things simple.

First 3 posters on this thread can request a pixel for freeee. <3 But please, don't expect anything grand though. :speak_no_evil:

Take a look at my DA!

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!

*pops head in* OH! New pixel/ chatting thread! Hi there!

And Hi, Stylo. Haha

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!


Hi all! Yeah, the thread is open for chatting! :) I think all three of you got a free pixel doll as a gift! :D Yay!

Usually I pixel OCs and food related stuff. :high_brightness:

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!

Hi there! How are you doing?

And would you be able to pixel my avatar by any chance, or no?

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!


{Blue-Eyed}Dragonfly : Yeah, I can do avatars. In fact, avatars are wayy easier than OCs. :D I just woke up btw. Hbu?

I love that this site have a lot of emojis to use. :airplane: :poo: :ok:

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!

Well, that would be awesome if you could do my avatar. :)

And ah. Are you a night owl, too? Haha
This site has lots of cool things. If you have any questions, please ask. It's not as active as it used to be, but there are still a few of us running around and I think activity is starting to come back a bit. :)

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!


I was here like 3 or 4 years ago actually. I'm a returning user. A lot have changed in here. The layout etc, its gotten a lot nicer since I left!

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!

Ah, I see! Welcome back, then! A lot of older users would probably disagree, as a lot of us miss the old Roli before Roli 2.0 came into play, but I will admit to not minding the new layout. I also like some of the new features. I miss some of the old Roli, though, if I were honest.

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!

Yeah, i kinda miss the old shop navigation page. But the new ones are kinda okay. It looks nicer tbh and the forums looks neat. I wonder how many items I've missed since I left.

Re: Bunneh pixel shoppe!

You missed a lot (so did I though because I was gone for a year or two), BUT they're re-releasing old MIs because so many users have left and there's no telling if they'll ever come back.

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